Unveil the Potential of Your Business with Bloc

Welcome to the world of Bloc, a state-of-the-art tool designed to enrich the way businesses interact with their customers. From enhancing your sales strategy to providing stellar customer support, this ingenious platform can transform any interaction by introducing a cleverly designed chatbot to your website.

Bloc presents a user-friendly way of streamlining communication – whether you're navigating through dense information or looking to clarify customers' inquiries quickly. By simply embedding a Bloc chatbot onto your site, your visitors can resolve their queries instantaneously without the hassle of searching through a multitude of documents.

Simplify Your Team's Efficiency

Saying goodbye to the days of repetitive questions has never been easier. Bloc brings with it an innovation in productivity, liberating your team from the cycle of redundant explanations. Thanks to top-notch integrations with beloved apps like Notion, Google Drive, Figma, and Slack, your knowledge database becomes centralized, revolutionizing your team's workflow.

Elevate Your Knowledge Management

Centralizing your data being key, Bloc makes information management both comprehensive and accessible. The platform's proficiency has been attested by business leaders like Shubh Goel, the founder of DreamDorm, who noticed a significant increase in sales and a reduction in support time thanks to Bloc's chatbots.

Surge Sales and Lend Exceptional Support

Experience an increase in sales by up to 5% when using Bloc. It engages users right on the landing page, allowing them to ask questions and thereby creating a more interactive experience, which leads to better conversion rates. Bloc leverages the power of artificial intelligence, specifically Chat-GPT technology, to handle frequently asked customer questions, providing on-point product suggestions and automating mundane support tasks.

Integration With Ease

The seamless integration process of Bloc with your existing apps is nothing short of impressive. Add Bloc to your arsenal of tools on WhatsApp, Google Drive, Slack, and more in just a few minutes. By cutting down the time spent transferring knowledge within your organization, your team can redirect their focus to what matters most – growing your business.

Supercharge Your E-Commerce Presence

For e-commerce entities, particularly on platforms like Shopify, Bloc chatbots can be a game-changer. Incorporating these AI chatbots into your customer service strategy not only drives conversions but also takes customer satisfaction levels through the roof.

Choose Your Perfect Plan

Bloc caters to businesses of all sizes with a suite of tailored plans.


Starter Plan – $0/mo: For those exploring the potential of chatbots with up to 3 Blocs and 300 total questions per month. Email support and web scraping feature included.


Growth Plan – $50/mo: Perfect for burgeoning startups with everything in the Starter Plan plus up to 10 active Blocs, 3,000 total questions per month, and enhanced branding and domain options.


Enterprise Plan – Custom pricing: Ideal for larger organizations with 50+ employees. This plan offers everything in the Growth Plan plus unlimited Blocs, unlimited questions, custom integrations, and advanced security.

Ready to Transform Your Data Interaction?

Bring your business communications into the new age with Bloc. Manage your information more effectively, provide instant support to your customers, and revolutionize the productivity of your team.

To learn more about how Bloc can fit into your business model, don't hesitate to schedule a demo or sign up and explore the possibilities first-hand. Empower everyone in your company and unlock the true potential of your data with Bloc.

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