Blimey is an AI-generated image tool that offers complete control over your compositions and visuals. It allows you to guide the stylistic and color outcomes to match the vision in your head. With Blimey, you can create vivid, imaginative 3D scenes with full control over composition and colors, bringing your visualizations to life in just minutes.

The process is simple:

  1. Set Up Your Scene: Visualize your scene with control over style, depth, and element placement.
  2. Write Your Description: Give a detailed description of the scene you have in mind to guide the AI.
  3. Generate Images: Let the AI transform your scene into a spectacular visual.

Some of Blimey's features include scene influence, style and depth control, pose control, custom backgrounds, and complete 3D models. The tool offers a pricing system where each credit costs $0.90, and you can purchase 100 credits for $90, 500 credits for $190, or 1500 credits for $490.

In addition to its amazing features, Blimey also comes with a smooth walkthrough to guide users through all its functionalities, ensuring they make the most of the tool.

The creator behind Blimey, Markus, originally designed the tool to bring the visions in his head to life. Now, Blimey stands as a testament to his creativity and dedication. If you'd like to connect with Markus, you can email him at

Don't limit your power to envision. Take command and bring your imagination to life with Blimey.

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