Blend AI Studio

AIBlend Studio allows you to create professional product photos and designs with ease, without the need to hire an expensive agency or freelancer.

How It Works

1. Upload Product Photo: Simply upload your product photo.

2. Describe Your Background Scene: Describe the type of background scene you want.

3. Download AI Generated Designs: Download the designs generated by AI.

Use Cases

· DTC Brands: Enhance conversion rates of your listings on Shopify Store with professional product photos.

· Etsy Shops: Improve visits and sales on your Etsy listing with studio-quality photos.

· Car Dealerships: Create realistic car photoshoots on natural and studio backdrops in less than a minute.

· Influencers: Create profile photos and thumbnails for Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok.


"We sell crochet toys on Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook Marketplace. We used to spend a lot of time and money hiring a photography agency in NYC. One day I saw an ad for Blend AI studio and gave it a try. The designs generated blew my mind. They look so sophisticated and complete. We now no longer need an agency. It has saved me so much money." - Brown Folds

With over a million online sellers and DTC brands choosing AIBlend Studio, it's clear that this tool is making a real impact on businesses around the world.


· Saves money and time on hiring a photography agency or freelancer

· Easy to use, no technical skills required


· Limited customization options

· Effectiveness may vary based on the original product photo quality

Ready to take your product photos and designs to the next level? Try AIBlend Studio today and get 10 designs for free!

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