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        Stop wasting time writing SQL queries.

        Tell the AI Data Analyst what you need, and let it work for you.

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      Save time
      Blaze, your personal AI Data Analyst
      Blaze learns about your Database, writes your SQL code, runs the query, and even creates graphs and dashboards, for ultimate AI Data Analytics.

      Tell blaze what you needAnd skip 85% of the data work.

  Trusted by the world’s most innovative teams

      Privacy & Security

      Privately connect your Database on Windows or Mac

      BlazeSQL for desktop allows you to run queries and visualize your data, completely local and private.

      Results, graphs & seconds.

      Database documentation
      Blaze understands your database
      Blaze AI remembers what your columns mean, by letting you add that information to it's memory (like database documentation).

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            We cover these types of SQL Databases, and many more.
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  Thousands of people are outperforming their peers with Blaze
  Ex. Viktoria Seeman,Amazon:

      “Thanks to the private desktop version of BlazeSQL, I can connect our company data. I'm able to get queries by just asking a question, without having to explain my database to ChatGPT, and without all the tedious query writing, googling and debugging. Blaze does it all for me in seconds.”

        Brenna Goyette

          “the progress that I was able to make via using BlazeSQL for ~3 weeks (~10hrs/week) was considered impressive by our in-house data analysts and SQL gurus.”

            Leslie Alexander

          “I'm impressed with its consistently c

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