Are you interested in engaging with your web3 users and growing your community? Blaze is an AI-powered customer engagement platform specifically designed for companies and agencies in the web3 space. With Blaze, you can efficiently grow, engage, and retain web3 users.

Features and Benefits

Blaze offers a range of features to help you maximize your customer engagement efforts:


Grow Your User Base: Launch personalized direct message campaigns, ads, referral programs, and partnerships to target a database of over 40 million crypto users and companies.


Engage and Retain: Deliver consistent value to your users through easy-to-manage onboarding flows, content calendars, reward programs, and re-engagement campaigns.


Insights for the Decentralized World: With Blaze, you can accurately track and manage your community, transaction, and product data, gaining unique insights to fuel your growth strategies.

Pros and Cons


· Seamless automation for engagement and retention.

· Access to a vast user database for targeted outreach.

· Unique insights tailored to the decentralized world.


· Requires familiarity with web3 concepts and terminology.

· Limited customization options for outreach campaigns.

Curate, Engage, Convert, and Analyze

Blaze's suite of tools allows you to curate segments for targeting, engage and retain users, target and convert users, and attribute and analyze your customer data. This includes tapping into a user database of over 40 million, building social and on-chain segments for targeted outreach, managing community channels and content calendars, automating outreach efforts, and accurately tracking your community, social media, transaction, and product data.

If you're ready to take your web3 customer engagement to the next level, consider giving Blaze a try. Book a demo or try it for free and see how Blaze can help you grow, engage, and retain web3 users and communities.

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