Are you tired of trying to enlarge images without losing quality? Bigjpg offers an AI-powered solution to help you upscale your images without sacrificing the clarity and details. Whether you're a digital artist, photographer, or just someone looking to enhance their photos, Bigjpg can help you streamline your image enlargement process. Let's take a closer look at this powerful tool.

How Does Bigjpg Work?

Using the latest Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, Bigjpg intelligently reduces noise and serration in images while preserving the quality during the enlargement process. This means that you can increase the size of your images without worrying about losing important details. By leveraging a special algorithm tailored specifically for the images' lines and color, Bigjpg ensures that the resulting image maintains higher quality with well-preserved colors, minimal glittering, and reduced noise.

Maximum Image Limits

Bigjpg offers different size limits based on your user account. Free users can upload images up to 3000x3000px and 5M, while paid users can upscale images up to 50M.

Speed and Stability

When it comes to processing, Bigjpg provides an estimated remaining time once the process starts. The actual processing time is often shorter than the estimate, depending on the server traffic and time of day. For those looking for faster, more stable, and larger image processing, Bigjpg offers paid services that utilize an independent high-performance server.

Enlarging Various Image Types

Bigjpg supports a wide range of image types, making it versatile for different users. Whether you need to enlarge anime images and illustrations with well-preserved colors, details, and edges, or upscale regular photos, Bigjpg has you covered.

Privacy and Security

You might be concerned about the privacy and security of your images. Bigjpg automatically deletes uploaded images and their enlarged versions after 5 days. Furthermore, image links are encrypted for added security, and unless you share the link, no one can download your image or the result.

Support and Reliability

In the event your image enlargement fails, Bigjpg ensures that you can simply try again. Additionally, users have access to customer support and can view their enlargement history after logging in to the platform. This is helpful for managing past projects and tracking your overall usage.

If you're looking to improve the way you upscale your images, Bigjpg is a fantastic tool to consider. With its AI-powered processing, support for various image types, and a focus on privacy and security, it's a valuable resource for digital artists, photographers, and anyone who wants to enhance their images while maintaining quality. Bigjpg can certainly help you take your image enlargement process to the next level.


  • AI-powered image enlargement preserves quality
  • Support for various image types, including anime and regular photos
  • Custom algorithms reduce noise and maintain colors
  • Offers a combination of free and paid services for different needs


  • Speed and processing time may vary based on server traffic
  • The default server for downloading is located in Mainland China, which may impact download speed for some users

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