Introducing Biggles: A Coding Assistant for Swift Development

Developing software can often be a complex process, filled with the need for precision and attention to detail. Fortunately, developers now have a new tool at their disposal that aims to simplify the coding experience. Meet Biggles, a coding assistant that integrates seamlessly into your development workflow through Visual Studio Code (VS Code).

What Biggles Brings to Your Coding Table

Biggles is designed to assist with several coding tasks:

  • Inserting new code: Biggles will effortlessly introduce new code right where your cursor is located. Simply provide it with your instructions, and watch as it translates your commands into clean code.

  • Modifying existing code: Have a chunk of code that needs tweaking? Select the desired code, and Biggles will revamp it according to your directives.

  • Understanding your voice: If you're comfortable with voice commands, Biggles has you covered. Activate it with CMD+M (for Mac) or CTRL+M (for Windows), and give it your vocal instructions.

  • Taking typed instructions: For those who prefer typing, Biggles also accepts written instructions. Trigger this feature with CMD+ALT+M (for Mac) or CTRL+ALT+M (for Windows), and type away.

Behind the Scenes: How Biggles Operates

Biggles is powered by the OpenAI's APIs, particularly Whisper and ChatGPT. To use Biggles, you'll need to supply your own OpenAI API key. Once configured, Biggles considers the context of your code by examining the surrounding code snippets, enabling it to make more accurate suggestions and alterations.

Understanding Biggles' Abilities and Boundaries

While Biggles is a powerful tool, it's essential to understand its limitations:

  • Limited codebase awareness: Biggles focuses on the code immediately around the cursor, so it's not aware of your entire codebase. This scope can be adjusted in the settings to increase or decrease the context Biggles uses for its tasks.

  • Operational modes: Biggles operates in two main modes. It can insert new code at your cursor's current position when no code is selected or modify an existing block of code if you've highlighted it.

Currently, Biggles doesn't support more complex operations like repositioning chunks of code—but it may gain additional capabilities in the future.

In Conclusion: Weighing the Pros and Cons

As with any tool, it's beneficial to consider the pros and cons to determine if Biggles is the right fit for your development needs.


  • Streamlines coding by taking verbal or typed instructions.
  • Automates code insertion and modification tasks.
  • Voice command capable, offering convenience and speed.
  • Customizable context settings to fine-tune its operation.


  • Limited to its awareness of code near the cursor, not the entire project.
  • Requires an OpenAI API key for operation.
  • Currently lacks the ability to perform complex code manipulations.

Biggles might be an excellent addition to your software development arsenal, especially if you're looking for a digital partner to speed up your coding sessions within VS Code. With its ability to handle both voice and typed instructions, it can adapt to different developer preferences, potentially increasing your productivity and enhancing your coding experience.

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