Are you ready to take your coding skills to the next level? Then you should definitely check out BigDevSoon, the ultimate AI-powered tool for developers looking to build real-world projects and simplify their code learning journey.

What is BigDevSoon?

BigDevSoon is a platform where over 276 developers are already building real-world projects, backed by Figma designs, user stories, and AI-driven insights. The platform offers a variety of projects for developers to work on, like music players, game level editors, and even an AI post generator for crafting tailored posts across social platforms.

How it Works

Once you're signed in with your GitHub account, you can start exploring the latest projects and pick one to start with. The platform will guide you through the process, providing clear user stories and acceptance criteria to ensure that you're not just coding, but also problem-solving, planning, and executing based on real requirements and designs. If you're ever stuck on a project, you can make use of Elise - your AI Project Buddy, who is always ready with insights and guidance tailored to your projects and cards. Plus, there's an active community of developers ready to discuss and help you anytime you need it.

Level Up Your Skills

With each project and card you complete, you'll earn XP and unlock new achievements, giving you the motivation to keep going. BigDevSoon also offers leaderboards and aims to provide a supportive environment for all developers, helping you see where you stand among like-minded individuals and aim for the top.

Pros and Cons


  • A variety of real-world projects to work on
  • Access to AI-driven insights and guidance
  • XP and achievement system to track your progress
  • Community support from other developers


  • Requires a GitHub account for sign-in


If you're ready to unleash your coding superpowers and take your skills to the next level, BigDevSoon is the perfect place to start. So why not get started today and turn your coding dreams into a reality?

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