BeyondWords: Your Ultimate Tool for Text-to-Speech Conversion

Are you looking for a way to enhance your publishing workflow by converting text into engaging audio? BeyondWords is here to solve your problem with its frictionless text-to-speech publishing tool. Whether it's for articles, newsletters, blog posts, content marketing, investment research, white papers, or internal communication - BeyondWords has got you covered.

How BeyondWords Works

BeyondWords is an all-in-one audio content management system (CMS) powered by AI voices. It offers the option to either use existing AI voices from leading tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google or create a custom voice for your content.

· Voice Library: The tool provides over 550 AI voices across 140+ language locales, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect voice for your specific audience.

· Voice Cloning: Use BeyondWords’ cutting-edge voice cloning technology to develop custom AI voices tailored to your target audience. You can even work with a voice actor or use your own voice!

· Automatic SSML: BeyondWords’ text preprocessor automatically normalizes and converts input text into its phonetic representation, guaranteeing accurate and customizable pronunciations at scale.

Key Features of BeyondWords

The All-in-One Audio CMS

BeyondWords is much more than just a text-to-speech tool. It helps you and your team automate, manage, and maximize your audio strategy with its range of features:

1. Production: Produce audio content at scale by using their API, RSS Feed Importer, WordPress, Ghost, or Contentful plugin, or manually create audio using the text-to-speech editor.

2. Distribution: Distribute audio content anywhere with the BeyondWords Player embed, web and mobile SDKs, API, playlists, or podcast feeds.

3. Analytics: Measure audio engagement in granular detail with the built-in analytics and optimize your audio strategy based on these insights.

4. Monetization: If you’re interested in monetizing your audio content, BeyondWords supports custom ads from sponsors or programmatic ad demand.

Ethical Development of AI Voices

What sets BeyondWords apart is its commitment to ethical development of AI voices, working with leading voice actors to create exclusive voices that resonate with your audience.

Pros and Cons of BeyondWords


· Easy-to-use all-in-one audio CMS

· Wide range of AI voices in various languages

· Voice cloning technology to create custom AI voices

· Automatic SSML for accurate phonetic representation

· Options for production, distribution, analytics, and monetization


· Advanced features may require a learning curve

· Custom AI voices may require extra resources for development

Final Thoughts

By using BeyondWords, you can expand your content’s reach, boost engagement, and potentially drive revenue without the expense and effort associated with traditional spoken-word audio production. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or any other professional looking to enhance your publishing workflow, BeyondWords checks all the boxes with its innovative features.

Sign up for free and schedule a meeting today to discover how BeyondWords can cater to your specific needs and revolutionize your audio strategy.

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