Introducing Betafish.js: Your Digital Chess Companion

Chess has been a game of strategy and intellect for centuries, capturing the fascination of millions around the world. Now, in our era of technological advancement, it's possible to engage with this classic game through a modern lens, thanks to innovative tools like Betafish.js. Developed by a devoted enthusiast Gavin, Betafish.js is an intuitive and user-friendly tool designed to enhance the chess-playing experience for both amateurs and veterans alike.

The Essence of Betafish.js

Betafish.js is a digital platform that serves as an interactive chessboard. The beauty of Betafish.js lies in its simplicity and the ease with which players can engage with the game. Whether you're looking to hone your skills or simply enjoy a casual game, this tool is equipped to meet your needs.

Key Features:


FEN Support: Standing for Forsyth-Edwards Notation, FEN is a standard notation that describes the particular arrangement of pieces on the chessboard. Betafish.js allows you to both copy the FEN of the current board setup and set the board to a desired FEN configuration.


Simple Board Controls: The interface includes straightforward options such as 'Reset,' 'Take Back,' and 'Flip,' offering you complete control over the game. Whether you wish to start anew or re-evaluate your previous move, these controls add a layer of convenience to your gameplay.


AI Move: If you find yourself in a tricky situation or wish to see how a machine would handle your position, the AI Move feature can suggest a move. This can be an excellent learning tool as it gives insight into strategic decision-making.

Personalizing Your Experience

Gavin, the creator, understands that each chess player is unique and may have different preferences for their playing style. To cater to this, Betafish.js offers customization for the 'thinking time,' which is the amount of time the AI takes to make a move. Options range from a quick 1-second thought to a more deliberate 10-second analysis.

Compatibility and Access

One of Betafish.js's most significant advantages is its accessibility. Being web-based, it does not require any downloads or installations, and you can start playing right from your browser.

Although Betafish.js has many positives, there are some considerations to keep in mind. For those seeking a high-level competitive environment, this tool might not match up to professional-grade chess software. Additionally, while the AI offers a good challenge, it might not replace the experience of playing against an equally skilled human opponent.


Betafish.js stands out as a heartfelt project aimed at eliminating the barriers between people and the timeless game of chess. It encapsulates the passion of its creator and the centuries-old allure of chess in a modern, accessible format. Whether you're a seasoned chess player or new to the game, Betafish.js invites you to step into the world of knights and pawns, strategies and endgames, with just a few clicks.

Delve into the digital chess realm and let Betafish.js be the board on which you craft your next masterful game. For more details or to view the source, visit the developer's site.

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