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Best Sales Prospecting Tool and Software

May 17, 2024
Best Sales Prospecting Tool and Software

Introducing Vidyard Prospector: A New Era of Outbound Selling

In today's competitive market, connecting with potential customers and creating a lasting impression is crucial for sales professionals. That's why tools like Vidyard Prospector have become invaluable assets. This AI-powered tool is designed to help streamline the prospecting phase, allowing salespeople to focus their energy on forging strong client relationships and meeting sales targets.

What Is Vidyard Prospector?

Vidyard Prospector is a smart tool that aims to revolutionize the way sales teams approach outbound selling. It automates the process of finding and reaching out to potential leads by using advanced AI to search through billions of professional profiles. The result is a list of leads that match your sales territory, refining the process of hunting for prospects.

Features and Capabilities

· Automated Lead Discovery: Set your target market criteria, and let Vidyard Prospector find the best leads for you.

· Personalized Outreach at Scale: The platform generates and sends sales emails directly from your Gmail, bringing a unique touch to large-scale campaigns.

· Streamlined Selling: Integrate an introductory video and a calendar link in your outreach emails to increase engagement and book more meetings.

· Automated Sales Plays: React to prospect activity with email sequences that keep you on their radar.

Coming Enhancements

· Send with Outlook: Soon, users will be able to send their AI-crafted sales emails through Outlook as well.

· CRM Integration: Vidyard Prospector will be able to log all your prospecting activities directly into your CRM system, creating a seamless flow between prospecting and sales management.

Pricing Options

Vidyard offers two pricing tiers to fit different needs and budgets.

· The Free plan includes basic features such as new lead discovery (10 leads per day), AI-powered email outreach (up to 150 leads per month), and automatic email follow-ups.

· The Pro plan costs $80 per month, billed annually, and expands lead discovery to 20 per day and outreach to 400 leads per month, among other enhanced features.

Benefits of Using Vidyard Prospector

· Saves time and automates the tedious task of prospecting

· Ensures consistent follow-ups with leads

· Provides personalized outreach, increasing response rates

Questions and Answers

What exactly is a B2B prospecting tool? It's a digital utility designed to identify and initiate contact with potential business clients.

How do sales prospecting tools work? They automate the search for new leads and facilitate tailored communication to initiate sales conversations.

Can I try Vidyard Prospector for free? Absolutely, Vidyard offers a free version to get you started on your prospecting journey.

Ready to Upgrade Your Sales Strategy?

Vidyard Prospector could be a game-changer for sales teams. By augmenting the traditional prospecting methods with AI, it enables salespeople to quickly connect with the right leads, send personalized messages, and manage follow-ups more effectively.

Being able to try the tool for free gives an excellent opportunity to witness its potential impact on sales processes. For more comprehensive needs, the Pro plan offers even more power to reach out and maintain relationships with key leads. To explore more about Vidyard's offerings or to get in touch with their sales team, you can visit Vidyard's website.

Pros and Cons


· Time-saving prospecting automation

· Hyper-personalized email outreach

· Integration with Gmail and soon with Outlook

· Video and calendar link features for enhanced lead engagement

· Free version available


· Limited leads per day on the free version

· The cost may be a barrier for some smaller businesses in the Pro version

· CRM Integration and Outlook support are not yet available but are expected soon

In the realm of sales, where time is of the essence, and personal connection is the currency of success, tools that blend efficiency with personal touch stand out. Vidyard Prospector is a testament to this blend; a tool that could potentially reshape the landscape of outbound selling.

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