Bertha AI

Discover Bertha AI: Your Ultimate Writing Assistant

Creating captivating content for your website, social media, or blog can be an overwhelming task. Thankfully, the innovative tool Bertha AI has emerged to alleviate some of this burden. Bertha AI is designed to assist content creators in developing engaging and conversion-oriented copy effortlessly, offering significant time savings up to 90%.

Crafting Engaging Copy for Web and Social Media

Bertha AI is particularly apt at generating content for your website or social media platforms. With just a few prompts, you can have a variety of suggestions and full-text options at your fingertips, taking only minutes out of your busy schedule.

AI-Powered Image and Illustration Generation

Visual content is as crucial as text in capturing your audience's attention. Bertha uses AI to effortlessly search for or create stunning images and illustrations for your website. You can specify the style you're aiming for and receive an array of options in mere seconds.

Generating Product Descriptions

For those selling products online, having a compelling product description can make a world of difference. Bertha steps in with ideas and content to help you construct product descriptions that convert. This extends to specific support for WooCommerce and EDD platforms, where Bertha can automatically generate product descriptions directly from your dashboard.

Long-Form Content Made Easy

Blog posts are key to keeping your audience engaged and informed. Bertha's capacity for writing long-form content means you can produce entire blog posts quickly while ensuring they are engaging, creative, and designed to convert.

Bertha stands out with its integration into WordPress and a Chrome extension, simplifying the content creation process. Additionally, Bertha's versatility extends to social media posts and ideation, making it a comprehensive tool for all your writing needs.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Bertha AI offers subscription plans with monthly and annual options. For $20 a month, you get access to:

  • Unlimited users and websites
  • Chrome extension
  • 1,000,000 words per month
  • 50 image generations per month
  • Priority support
  • A 7-day money-back guarantee

If you opt for the annual plan at $200, you get the same comprehensive access and features but with savings for the long-term commitment. For those looking for lifetime access, the tool is available for 3 easy payments of $500, with the refund policy applicable to the first payment.

User Testimonials

Users like Elliot Sowersby applaud Bertha for its excellent features and seamless integration within the WordPress dashboard. Chris Lubkert finds Bertha great for idea generation, while Paul Hooper appreciates how it alleviates the challenge of sourcing content from clients, thereby improving cash flow and project delivery timelines.


Bertha AI is an adept alternative to other AI writing tools, supporting a wide array of content creation needs from basic copy to image generation. While it may not replace the nuanced touch of a human writer, it serves as an excellent starting point to streamline the creative process.

For more information or to see the tool in action, you might consider visiting the Bertha AI website or exploring its capabilities through the Chrome extension. Keep in mind, like any AI-generated content, the output from Bertha AI may require some human editing to perfectly match your brand's voice and style.

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