Elevate Your Story with Custom AI-Composed Music

Creating the perfect background track for your content can be as challenging as producing the content itself. But imagine if you could have a personal composer at your fingertips—someone (or more accurately, something) that understands the vibe you’re going for and executes it flawlessly. That's where steps into the spotlight.

Composing Music Made Simple

With, the process of creating custom music becomes as easy as pie. Here's how you can start gracing your projects with the right tunes:

  • Choose Your Style: Whether you're looking to amplify a video or a podcast, start by selecting from a diverse range of genres that best fit your project's theme.
  • Segment Your Content: Because emotions in content fluctuate, the platform allows you to make several cuts and apply different moods to each.
  • Set the Mood: With an array of 16 moods at your disposal, dial in the exact feeling you want for each section of your content.
  • Let AI Compose: After making your selections, hit the compose button and let the sophistication of AI take the wheel in crafting a unique soundtrack just for you.

Versatile Use Cases shines across different creative domains:

  • Agency/Production Houses: Enhance your narrative, whether it's through compelling explainer videos or dynamic ads.
  • YouTube Creators: Forge a signature sound for your channel, and craft memorable intros and outros.
  • Podcasters: Introduce your episodes with character and end with a statement that resonates.
  • Indie Game Developers: Give your game environments and characters life with bespoke background themes.
  • Audiobook Producers: Add dimension to stories and punctuate chapter transitions with atmospheric music.
  • Web3 & Metaverse Innovators: Soundtrack your metaverse games and VR experiences with the perfect audio backdrop.

Royalty-Free and Tailored To You

With, you're not just getting music; you're crafting an auditory identity that carries your narrative. The music you compose is royalty-free, ensuring your projects remain uniquely yours without any additional fees.


Here's the buzz from those who've elevated their projects with

  • "A fantastic product that we're excited to continue using." - Ashish Dhakre, YouTuber at LearnAur
  • "Fun and innovative, it's intriguing to see AI composition in action." - Andrew, Video Editor
  • "An ambitious and engaging tool that piques the interest." - Devansh Doshi, Ad Agency Owner
  • "The standout feature is the variety of Indian tracks available." - Krishna Devate, CEO of Hustler & Monk Productions

Frequently Asked Questions

To help clarify any queries, here are some common questions:

  • Licensing: Users receive a perpetual license to use the music across various platforms.
  • Uploading Content: Uploading a video isn't mandatory; can still generate music without it.
  • Usage: The music is suitable for social media content and advertisements.
  • Royalties: Once you compose music with, there are no royalties to worry about.
  • Track Duration: The tool supports varying track lengths to fit your project's needs.
  • Composition Process: Upon composing, the AI synthesizes your choices without needing video details.
  • Voiceovers: The tool can accommodate voiceovers in your video content.

Dive In and Be the Composer

You're welcome to start creating your very first track by signing up for free. Join a community where your story's sound is just as compelling as the narrative itself.

Ongoing Innovation in AI Music isn't just combining musical elements; it's innovating by intertwining advanced music theory with production capabilities to deliver a truly unique soundtrack that’s tailored specifically for you.

Personalize Your Soundscape

The platform doesn't limit your creativity. You're able to customize your music's length, genre, mood, and more, ensuring the final product is deeply aligned with the tone of your content.

Read More about the diverse use cases or Start Creating for Free now and find out how can transform your content with the power of AI-composed music.

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