Discover B12: The AI-Powered Website Builder for Growing Your Business Online

In today’s digital age, a professional online presence is crucial for any business aiming to thrive and expand its reach. Enter B12, a cutting-edge AI website builder designed to help businesses attract, win, and serve clients effectively on the internet. This tool stands out for its simplicity and powerful features, catering to anyone looking to establish or enhance their online footprint.

Simplified Website Creation

At the heart of B12 is its AI-driven approach to website development. This intelligent system can instantly generate a fully functional website, tailored with the necessary tools for online success. From invoicing and eSignatures to email marketing, B12 equips businesses with everything they need to operate smoothly online. The process begins with AI setting up your site in seconds, populating it with text, images, and essential client-facing tools.

Content Generation and Customization

B12 goes beyond just setting up websites. It also offers AI-generated drafts for website content, blog posts, and email campaigns to help keep your site fresh and engaging. Despite its automated nature, B12 provides complete customization options. Users can refine their websites using the B12 Editor, a user-friendly interface, or enlist the expertise of professional designers and copywriters part of the B12 team. This blend of AI efficiency and human creativity ensures that each website not only looks professional but also resonates with its intended audience.

Design and Maintenance Made Easy

First impressions matter in the online world. Recognizing this, B12 emphasizes the importance of stunning web design, cohesive branding, and industry-specific imagery. With AI assistance, updating your website is effortless, allowing businesses to adapt their online presence with evolving needs and trends.

Enhanced Client Engagement

B12’s suite of tools fosters seamless interactions between businesses and their clients. Features like sleek contact forms, online appointment scheduling, and straightforward invoicing ensure that potential clients can easily reach out, book services, or make payments with just a few clicks. Furthermore, B12’s integrated email marketing and contact management system allows for efficient communication and organization, all from one dashboard.

Streamlined Online Payments

Getting paid on time is simpler with B12. The platform enables businesses to invoice clients directly from their websites, supporting online payments to expedite the transaction process. For businesses with recurring billing, B12 offers automation features for recurring invoices, making it easier to manage finances.

Real Voices, Real Success

B12 has garnered praise from numerous professionals who have witnessed firsthand the transformation of their business’s online presence. For instance, Barbara Bartelsmeyer, Partner/COO of Action Logistix, appreciates the simplicity of making website changes herself, akin to editing a Word document. Similarly, Heather Carnes, Founder of Envision HR, credits B12 with elevating her website’s professionalism significantly.

Pros and Cons of B12


  • Instant website setup with AI automation
  • Easy customization with the B12 Editor or professional assistance
  • Integrated tools for client engagement and online payments
  • Effortless content and website maintenance with AI-generated drafts


  • May have a learning curve for users new to website builders
  • Customization with AI-generated content may need refinement to match specific brand tones

In conclusion, B12 represents a significant leap forward for businesses looking to establish or upgrade their online presence efficiently. By leveraging AI for the heavy lifting and providing expert support when needed, B12 offers a unique combination of speed, customization, and functionality. For anyone seeking an all-in-one solution to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape, B12 could very well be the answer.

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