Closed Captioning Made Simple with Ava

Achieving Inclusivity through Cutting-Edge Captioning Technology

Ensuring accessibility for all individuals, especially for those who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing, often presents challenges in a variety of environments. From offices to schools, Ava's captioning technology is designed to bridge communication gaps and create an inclusive atmosphere where everyone can participate meaningfully.

The Essence of Ava

Ava leverages advanced artificial intelligence to bring efficient and cost-effective captioning to the table, akin to having your own Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) but at a significantly reduced cost. Its sophisticated AI excels in providing speed, while professional Scribes from Ava ensure top-notch accuracy, resulting in a seamless experience and no quality compromise.

Ava's Versatile Offerings:


Ava Closed Captions: Ideal for Mac and Windows users, this desktop application gives you immediate captions over videos or presentations, enhancing your remote or in-office meeting experience.


Ava App: Available for both Android and iOS devices, the Ava App puts the power of real-time captioning in the palm of your hand, wherever you are.


Ava Scribe: Ava Scribe combines AI with the precision of professional captioners to guarantee full ADA compliance, effectively supporting inclusive environments within organizations.


Ava Connect: With just a single click, Ava Connect easily integrates with any video conference system, allowing users to maintain the usability they appreciate from Ava without disrupting the online meeting workflow.


Transcripts: Ava goes the extra mile by offering a transcript service that not only captures the dialogue but also provides color-coded summaries of conversations for later review.

Real-World Applications

Whether it's during work, school, or daily life routines, Ava adapts to various scenarios to enhance communication:


Online Meetings: By integrating Ava, every participant, regardless of hearing ability, can follow along with instant captions that are conveniently layered over video calls or presentations.


In-Person Meetings: Share an Ava Room Link with colleagues so they can join real-time conversations without needing to download an app. The result is a color-coded transcript for an accurate, real-time record.


Interactions with Co-Workers: Ava's round-the-clock captioning makes workplace communications more inclusive, covering everything from casual chats to formal trainings and one-on-ones.

Learn More and Explore Ava

Getting started with Ava is straightforward. Explore more about each service and see how it can transform your communication experience:

· For learning about Ava Scribe and ensuring ADA compliance: Learn More about Scribe

· To integrate captions seamlessly into your video conferences: Learn more about Connect

· For signing up to use Ava's transcript feature: Sign up to use transcripts

Pros and Cons:


· Enhances accessibility for Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

· Works across various devices and platforms.

· Professional Scribe option available for near-perfect accuracy.

· Transcripts with color-coded summaries improve note-taking efficiency.

· Smooth integration into video conferences with Ava Connect.


· Dependence on technology means there is always a slight chance of malfunction.

· Requires an internet connection for real-time captioning, which may not be available in all locations.

Ava is more than just a tool; it's a commitment to inclusivity and effective communication across all walks of life. With Ava, every voice is heard and every word is valued.

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