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Enhancing Your Online Writing with AutoTextGenie AI

Writing online, be it forming persuasive emails, crafting meticulous blog posts, or generating tweets that pop, can feel overwhelming at times. What if you had a digital ally to ease this process? Enter AutoTextGenie AI, a cutting-edge browser extension aimed at streamlining your online writing endeavors with the assistance of advanced AI technology.

What is AutoTextGenie AI?

AutoTextGenie AI is an innovative browser extension designed with writers in mind. It integrates with your online activities to refine the writing process, implementing the power of AI to improve content quality, save you time, and boost overall productivity. If you find yourself regularly juggling various writing tasks, this tool might just become your new best friend.

Key Features and Benefits


Ease of Use: The extension is user-friendly and can be activated within any text field on almost any website. Once installed, it fits smoothly into your workflow, whether on LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, or Microsoft Outlook.


Custom Commands: Leverage the potential of GPT-3 and GPT-4 to create personalized commands. This customization allows the extension to adapt to your writing style and meet your specific content creation needs.


AI Translation: Need to translate text? The AI's translation feature covers all languages, simplifying your global communication without the hassle of external translation tools.


Speed and Efficiency: With its fast processing, AutoTextGenie AI significantly cuts down the time you spend writing, from drafting responses to generating creative content, so you can focus on other essential tasks.


Live Demonstrations: The extension includes a live demo feature, showcasing how to utilize various commands effectively. You can generate text, craft replies, and even improve existing content with a simple command.

Purchasing Options

AutoTextGenie AI offers a lifetime license for a one-time fee of $49.99, currently discounted from $59.99. For developers interested in tinkering with the tool, the source code is available for $199.99, discounted from $239.99. After the purchase, you'll receive an application link via email, enabling you to start elevating your writing without delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly does AutoTextGenie do?
A: It facilitates the creation of custom chat commands and applies them directly within web text fields.

Q: Is there a free version of AutoTextGenie?
A: It's not free, but you pay for it once and enjoy the benefits perpetually.

Q: Can I craft my custom commands in AutoTextGenie?
A: Absolutely, the extension is designed for such personalization, aligning with your unique output specifications.

Q: Will I need my API key?
A: Yes, to access the full extent of its functionalities, you'll need to have an API key.

Q: Is it possible to use AutoTextGenie on all my devices?
A: Sure, just install it on each device's browser, and you're set to go.

Q: Does AutoTextGenie work on all websites?
A: While it is compatible with most sites, should you encounter issues, a supportive team is on stand-by to resolve such matters swiftly.

In summary, AutoTextGenie AI is a tool developed for those looking to leverage AI to enhance their digital writing. Whether for personal use or professional communication, the extension offers a variety of features designed to streamline processes and ensure your writing is efficient and impactful.

Created by @Miguelo981 as a passion project, AutoTextGenie AI captures the synergy between technology and language, providing a window into a future where writing is more accessible and less time-consuming.

If you're keen to learn more or ready to improve your online writing with this AI assistant, you can reach out to the developer at for further insights.

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