Are you interested in improving your resume and honing your interview skills to land your dream job? Our AI-powered tool is designed to help you do just that. Whether you're a job seeker or a recruiter, our tool offers valuable features for everyone. Here's what you can expect:

For Job Seekers:

Review Resume

· Receive detailed feedback on your resume to help it stand out.

· Get suggestions on how to improve your resume for the job market.

Mock Interview

· Practice your interview skills with our AI tool.

· Receive valuable suggestions and tips to excel in your next interview.

Results History

· Keep track of your progress by viewing and downloading your report history.

· See how your resume has improved over time.

Job Board

· Explore job openings from our trusted partners.

· Find the right job that fits your skills and experience.


· Learn new skills from our qualified instructors to enhance your qualifications.

For Recruiters:


· Analyze multiple resumes and find the best talent according to your criteria.

· Save time and effort by using our AI tool for candidate assessment.

Job Post

· Post a job and publish it on our network to reach a wider pool of candidates.

· Find the perfect match for your job openings.

Instant Review

· Get a brief analysis of a candidate's resume instantly.

· Save time and make informed hiring decisions.

Interview Invitation

· Seamlessly invite candidates to take an interview using our tool.

Free Tools:

Resume Builder

· Create your own resume from scratch using our free builder tool.

Free Consultation

· Get a free consultation with our AI engine to kick start your job search.

Our AI tool has already helped thousands of users, and they find it very useful! Here's what they're saying:

· HR. D Bacot: "I think it will help a lot of fresh grads who are still confused about their CV."

· FλL-D1: "Inexpensive, easy, and good, there are also suggestions for improving the CV."

· Tri Ahmad Irfan: "This is a very useful feature for job seekers, HRs, and career coaches alike!"

So, give our AI-powered tool a try and see the difference it can make in your job search or recruitment process. With no credit card required, you can become a standout candidate in just 1 minute!


· Detailed resume feedback and improvement suggestions.

· Practice interviews and receive valuable tips.

· Free tools available, such as resume builder and consultation.


· Users must be comfortable with technology to get the most out of the AI-powered tool.

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