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Automated document processing through AI

November 22, 2023
Automated document processing through AI

In the modern business world, time is a precious commodity, and efficiency is a hallmark of a successful enterprise. One area where time often gets bogged down is in order processing. This critical function can be slow, full of errors, and frankly, quite frustrating for employees tasked with this chore.

Workist, the AI-powered tool, is designed to revolutionize order processing in B2B transactions. It's a comprehensive solution that understands documents, automates information exchange, and seamlessly integrates into the existing processes of businesses. Whether you are a customer, distributor, or supplier, you can leverage Workist to maximize time and increase efficiency.

Here is what Workist brings to the table:

  • Save Time and Reduce Cost: By automating order processing and integrating with current systems, Workist has shown to chop down the time required for entering jobs, which directly translates into cost savings.

  • Optimize Your Processes: Through its advanced document understanding honed by over 1 million processed documents, Workist boasts automation rates previously unattainable.

  • Increase Output Quality: With higher automation comes a dramatic decrease in human error. Master data matching ensures that even incorrect orders are detected and processed correctly.

  • Reconsider How You Work: Workist redirects the time saved from mundane tasks, allowing businesses to focus on growth and improving customer service.

The real-world benefits are evident in Workist’s testimonials. Industry leaders like Contorion and APD Schlauchtechnik have seen remarkable improvements. For instance, Contorion has saved 40 hours per week for their Customer Service department, equating to 3 hours per week for each team member. These numbers not only reflect increased productivity but also enhanced employee satisfaction.

Here’s the consensus from those who've made Workist part of their workflow:

  • Reduced the menial workload: By saving hours weekly, existing staff can focus on scaling the business and other high-value tasks.

  • A stress reliever for complex orders: For orders that sport many items, Workist has been a game-changer.

  • High accuracy: The tool doesn’t just work fast; it works with precision, achieving a 100% extraction rate for document data, which frees up resources and allows businesses to pursue growth and expand services.

Although Workist is a powerful tool, potential users should consider the following:


  • Significant time and cost savings
  • High automation rate reducing manual input
  • Lowered error rate thanks to advanced data matching
  • Fast and flexible integration with existing systems
  • Positive impact on employee satisfaction and customer service


  • It may require an initial learning curve and adaptation period for staff
  • Dependence on technology means occasional updates and maintenance
  • Companies may need to evaluate their processes to align fully with the tool’s capabilities

If you're tired of the drudgery of order processing and want to step into a world where business transactions are faster, more accurate, and less stress-inducing, Workist might just be what you’ve been waiting for. Consider scheduling a demo to see what this tool can do for your business. Why spend your time transferring data when you could be investing it in genuine quality work?

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