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Documentation is the backbone of every successful software project. Yet, the task of creating and updating documents is often overlooked and undervalued. Enter AutoKT (Automatic Knowledge Transfer), your reliable ally in the battle against outdated and missing documentation.

The Problem with Traditional Documentation

Keeping documentation up to date is a challenge in a fast-paced agile environment. Developer time is precious, and spending hours documenting code while juggling bug fixes and new features isn't feasible. As a result, teams find themselves trapped in a continuous loop of writing and updating documents, pulling them away from what they do best - building cool things.

Enter AutoKT - Break the Cycle

AutoKT revolutionizes the way teams handle documentation. Here’s how it can transform your workflow:

  • Effortless Documentation: Say goodbye to the dread of a blank page and a blinking cursor. AutoKT’s AI Writer and Code2Doc Writer features make documentation a breeze.

  • Asynchronous Knowledge Transfer: Knowledge transfer shouldn't be a rush job during offboarding periods. With AutoKT, documentation syncs with code changes, making the transfer of knowledge a smooth and ongoing process.

  • Real-life Endorsements: Developers from companies like Codenation and SETU have praised AutoKT for making it simpler to dive into legacy code and switch contexts without the hassle.

Features That Empower Developers

To ensure that every member of your team can hit the ground running, AutoKT offers powerful features:

  1. AI-Powered Documentation: Transforms users from writers to editors.
  2. Context Across Organization: Leverage a query engine that pulls in documentation from all repositories and projects.
  3. Up-to-Date Information: Automatic updates mean that your team is always aligned with the latest code changes.

The AutoKT Advantage

AutoKT isn’t just an AI tool; it’s an integral part of your development team. It ensures that your valuable documentation is not just another chore but a well-oiled component that helps you maintain efficiency and foster a collaborative team environment.

With AutoKT, you can efficiently onboard new team members, ensuring that they have all the information they need at their fingertips. Moreover, because the documentation is constantly evolving alongside your project, it prevents the build-up of technical debt.

Getting Started

Embrace the future of automated documentation with AutoKT. You can start a free trial today—no credit card required. After the trial, continue to benefit from AutoKT's features for just $5 per month per user.

Security and Integration

Your codebase's security is paramount. AutoKT respects this by not saving any code and having read-only access through GitHub integration. While GitHub is currently supported, integrations with GitLab and Bitbucket are on the horizon. Even without GitHub, you can utilize the core features of AutoKT, like the AI Documentation writer and the Query Engine.

Ready for the AutoKT Experience?

Deciding to automate your documentation process is a big step towards increasing your team’s productivity and project success.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my codebase secure? Absolutely, your codebase's integrity is protected at all times.
  • What integrations are available? GitHub is currently supported, with GitLab and Bitbucket on the way.
  • What if I don’t use GitHub? You still have access to vital features like the AI Documentation writer and Query Engine.

Join the ranks of satisfied AutoKT users and forever change the way you handle documentation.

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