Auspicious Recipes

Are you tired of constantly wondering what to make with the ingredients you have at hand? It's time to meet the Auspicious Chef! This cooking wizard is an AI-powered recipe generator that helps you find the perfect recipe using the ingredients you already have. It's a game-changer for anyone who loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen.

How Does It Work?

  • Access Your Ingredients: Simply drag and drop the items you have in your kitchen to the list.
  • Set Preferences: Fill out as much as you like in the Preferences form. You can leave the details as they are or customize them to get the most accurate recipe results.
  • Request Specific Recipes: Craving something particular like "Beef Wellington"? Just say so in the "Specific Recipe Request?" field to get a recipe for that dish with the ingredients you have.
  • Generate Recipe: Once you're ready, hit the "Generate Recipe" button and let our Auspicious Chef do the magic.

Personalization is Key!

The best part? The Auspicious Chef goes a step further than just showing you recipes you can make with your ingredients. It can also include any other ingredients it thinks you should add based on your preferences - making the process even more personalized and enjoyable!

If You're Not Satisfied…

Generated a recipe and it's not quite what you had in mind? No worries! You can chat with your chef to change the recipe, add or remove ingredients, or even get an entirely different recipe. The chat feature makes it super simple and fun to interact with the AI to find the recipe that's just right for you.

Save Your Kitchen Setup

Signing in with Google allows you to save your custom ingredients and Kitchen and Pantry list. This convenient feature means you can come back and generate recipes without starting from scratch every time. Plus, your AI chef will also remember the preferences you use to generate recipes, so you won't have to!

Get Ready to Cook!

So if you're ready to explore new recipes without the hassle of finding new ingredients or having to search through multiple cookbooks, your personal cooking companion is just a few clicks away. Get the dishes you want, all based on the ingredients you have.


  • No need to run to the store for specific ingredients.
  • Personalized recipe suggestions.
  • Compatibility with your ingredient availability.


  • Reliability may depend on the database and AI system.
  • Limited to the ingredients available to you at the moment.
  • You may still need to shop for specific ingredients for more complex recipes.

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