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November 22, 2023

If you're a musician looking for a simple and powerful tool to split vocals from backing music in your audio files, then AudioStrip is designed for you. You can use the free version or upgrade to premium for additional features.

AudioStrip is an online tool that utilizes AI to isolate vocals and instrumental tracks with high quality. Musicians and producers can effortlessly separate vocals from backing music, providing a range of functionalities that fit various needs.

Some of the features that make AudioStrip stand out include:

  • Effortless Isolation: AudioStrip offers easy isolation on multiple songs, saving users valuable time.
  • Free and Premium Versions: Users have access to a free plan with limitations but can opt for a premium version for unlimited isolations, faster isolation speed, and output formats like WAV and FLAC.
  • High-Quality Algorithms: AudioStrip uses algorithms designed to provide quick and reliable results, ensuring premium quality split tracks suitable for various applications.
  • User Testimonials: Musicians and artists who have used AudioStrip have shared positive feedback about its performance and ease of use.

User Testimonials:

  • "I used AudioStrip to isolate the vocals on the track and was amazed at how well the job was done. I think AudioStrip's tools are easy to use and it's a great assistant for every producer!" - Nemanja Topich9k
  • "When I first discovered AudioStrip I was shocked at the high quality output. With AudioStrip I am more confident in my mixes and upload more frequently because of that!" - h9k
  • "AudioStrip’s services allow artists to create when they’re inspired by pulling high-quality acapellas, right from the original track, to use as placeholders while awaiting possible official stems. Allowing creatives to showcase their ideas in a more clear and cohesive way!" - SadBoisRocktronic Artists


  • High-quality algorithms that provide reliable results
  • Effortless isolation on multiple songs
  • Both free and premium versions available
  • Positive user testimonials
  • New features added regularly to enhance functionality


  • Free plan comes with certain limitations
  • Premium plan requires a subscription

In conclusion, AudioStrip is a valuable tool for musicians and producers looking to isolate vocals and instrumental tracks with ease and accuracy. Its AI-powered algorithms and various features make it a go-to choice for those in the music industry. Whether you're on the free plan or opt for premium, AudioStrip provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for isolating audio tracks, making it easier for artists to bring their creative visions to life.

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