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May 17, 2024

Discover the Conformer-2 API for Enhanced Speech Recognition

In the realm of automatic speech recognition (ASR), the progression of technology continually brings us closer to seamless interaction between humans and machines. The new Conformer-2 API is a testimony of such advancements, offering remarkable improvements in speech recognition tasks.

Built as an extension of the already robust Conformer-1, Conformer-2 is trained extensively with over 1.1 million hours of English audio data. The dedication to enhancing accuracy and performance is evident in this latest iteration which has been meticulously improved to decipher speech more precisely, especially in challenging scenarios involving proper nouns, alphanumerics, and background noise.

Breakthroughs in Speech Recognition

The essence of Conformer-2 lies in its refined ability to understand and transcribe speech. Here's what sets it apart:

· There is a significant 31.7% improvement in alphanumeric recognition. This enhancement ensures that numbers, codes, and mixed sequences are understood more accurately.

· The model has achieved a 6.8% better recognition rate of proper nouns. This means that names and places are recognized more correctly, reducing the likelihood of errors.

· Conformer-2 stands out with a 12% improvement in noise robustness. Even with background disturbances, it offers clearer, more reliable transcriptions.

These advancements in the Conformer-2 model were made possible not only by a substantial increase in training data but also by the methodical pseudo labeling with multiple models. This has allowed for richer learning and a more nuanced understanding of the nuisances present in spoken language.

Moreover, since the launch of Conformer-1, the team behind Conformer-2 has managed to significantly decrease the latency of the inference pipeline by up to 53.7%, making it a faster and more responsive tool.

Real-World Application

Imagine listening to a gripping Formula 1 commentary and eager to have a written transcription of the race's crucial moments. With Conformer-2, the vivid play-by-play where a commentator excitedly narrates Verstappen taking the lead over Hamilton can be accurately transcribed, notwithstanding the high emotion and pace at which the words are spoken.

The transcription would accurately reflect the race dynamics, capturing the tension without missing the technical jargon, such as DRS (Drag Reduction System) or specific overtaking zones.

This is just a glimpse into the potential applications of Conformer-2. Whether for media, customer service, or accessibility services, the accuracy and speed offered by Conformer-2 are poised to transform speech transcription tasks.

Pros and Cons




Exceptional accuracy in a noisy environment


Improved alphanumeric and proper noun recognition


Faster processing times


Extensive training data ensures sophisticated model behavior




While improvements are evident, no model can be 100% accurate, and there may still be occasional errors


Conformer-2's capabilities are focused on English, which may limit its applicability in multilingual settings


Conformer-2 stands as a significant leap forward in the field of automatic speech recognition. By providing more precise and quicker transcriptions, the Conformer-2 API enables users to unlock new levels of efficiency and accuracy in voice-driven applications and services.

For more information about Conformer-2 and to try it out for yourself, visit the official API page, or reach out to sales for inquiries and additional details. With such advancements made in this field, Conformer-2's capabilities are worth exploring for anyone relying heavily on speech recognition technology.

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