Understanding your users is crucial for developing a product that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. This is where AskMore, an innovative AI-powered tool, comes into play. It simplifies the user research process, providing you with a wealth of feedback swiftly and in multiple languages.

Easy Setup to Gain Insights

Initiating research with AskMore is a straightforward process:

· Define Your Objectives: What are you aiming to learn? Set clear goals for the most effective feedback.

· Distribute Your Link: Share your unique AskMore interview link with your users.

· Analyze The Report: AskMore will generate a comprehensive report for you to review the valuable insights.

Streamlining User Research

Face-to-face interviews are time-consuming, and surveys often fail to dive deep enough to get the feedback you truly need.

With AskMore, you can break through these limitations, augmenting your direct user interviews with an AI that helps you communicate with a much larger audience. You can effortlessly boost your weekly user interactions from just a few to hundreds, tapping into a richer vein of user insights that might otherwise remain out of reach.

Automated Report Generation

Say goodbye to the tedious task of combing through notes looking for actionable insights and memorable quotes. AskMore does the heavy lifting by automatically producing shareable reports, thus saving you countless hours and energy.

Flexibility and Comfort for Participants

Face-to-face interviews can be daunting for some users, and synchronizing schedules for live discussions can become a logistical nightmare. AskMore respects everyone's time and comfort levels by allowing participants to respond at their convenience. This approach often results in higher response rates and stress-free interactions.

Professional Questioning Without Bias

Asking the right questions in the right way is a subtle art, and it's easy to unintentionally influence responses with poorly structured inquiries. AskMore leans on best research practices to structure questions that minimize bias and maximize the quality of the insights you receive.

Embrace Multilingual Feedback

Don't let language barriers restrict your user research. AskMore makes it possible to hear what users from different linguistic backgrounds have to say, as it can automatically translate interviews, broadening the spectrum of feedback you receive.

Pros and Cons


· Automated process saving time and resources.

· Ability to conduct interviews with many users simultaneously.

· Generation of reports that are easy to share and understand.

· Flexibility for users to respond at their convenience.

· Provides high-quality, unbiased questions based on best practices.

· Language translation capabilities allow for diverse, multilingual feedback.


· Lack of personal interaction may miss non-verbal cues or in-depth understanding of responses.

· Potential for misunderstanding or errors in automated translations.

In summary, AskMore is a user research tool that encourages more expansive and effective dialogue with your user base. It bridges the gap between what you think your users want and what they actually need. This can be the difference between a product that’s just good enough and one that's truly great. For anyone looking to bolster their user research, AskMore might just be the solution you've been searching for.

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