When it comes to navigating the challenging waters of entrepreneurship and marketing, getting advice from experts can make all the difference. This is where an innovative tool, designed to mirror the insights of a renowned business expert, comes into play. Imagine tapping into the wisdom of Gary Vaynerchuk, or Gary Vee as he's popularly known, with just the click of a button. Welcome to a service that aims to do just that – let's talk about the Gary Vee AI tool.

What is Gary Vee AI?

The Gary Vee AI tool is a digital mentor that provides advice in the style of the charismatic entrepreneur and marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk. It's been trained on an extensive database of content, including all videos from the #AskGaryVee YouTube playlist and select episodes from the Gary Vee Experience. The creators of this artificial intelligence system have worked on understanding not just the content of Gary's advice but also his unique way of communicating – right down to his energetic demeanor and liberal use of the occasional "F bomb."

The Experience

When you use this AI tool, you can expect to engage in a two-minute voice conversation with the AI version of Gary. Here's how it works:

· Speaking in Your Own Language: You can talk to Gary AI in any language, and he will respond in the same language. This makes the tool accessible to a global audience.

· Indexing and Understanding: The AI listens and then selects key elements of your question to formulate a response that captures the essence of what Gary Vee might say.

Privacy Matters

Privacy has been given due consideration. The AI does not store or share personal information, and while questions to Gary Vee AI are public, complete transcripts are not shared. The service respects user control, allowing them to save the responses or remove questions they have asked previously.

The Creative Mind Behind It

Mark Campbell, the creator of the Gary Vee AI, envisioned a virtual mentorship experience. His inspiration came from seeking valuable advice for his own ventures, particularly for, and recognizing that others could benefit from similar guidance. Gary Vee's AI advice is among several AI advisors Mark has created, but it is the first he has decided to share with the world.

Output and Control

What is generated by the AI belongs to the user. They have the freedom to save any advice dispensed by the AI Gary and delete their previous queries as well. Additionally, the tool does not use the answers to further train the AI, ensuring that each interaction is unique.


The application is nearly ready for public use and is currently in the closing stages of development. An intriguing aspect of this rollout is the creator's intent to involve Gary Vaynerchuk himself, hoping that this tool captures his attention and, perhaps, leads to his direct involvement.

Not a Replacement for the Real Gary

It’s important to clarify that this AI tool is not Gary Vaynerchuk, but rather an embodiment of his advice and personality synthesized by advanced AI technology. It was built by a developer who not only worked diligently to input data but also wished to interact with Gary Vee directly.

In Summary

The Gary Vee AI advisor stands out as a novel way to gain marketing and business insights. While it’s an amalgamation of technology and one man's vast knowledge reserves, it adds an interesting dimension to mentorship and advice in the digital age. Users can engage with the tool, receive advice, and take control of their data, all within a privacy-conscious framework.


· AI-replicated advice from a successful entrepreneur

· Multi-language interaction

· Privacy-focused


· Not a replacement for human interaction

· Limited to pre-fed information and training

With this understanding of the Gary Vee AI, whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned professional looking for a fresh perspective, you might find this virtual advice tool to be a valuable addition to your decision-making arsenal.

For more details on Gary Vaynerchuk, you can explore his YouTube channel and witness his style and wisdom firsthand.

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