Ask Jules

Discover Your Next Favorite Book with AskJules, Your AI Librarian

Reading enthusiasts know how satisfying it is to dive into a new book that captures their interest. However, finding that next great read can often be a challenge amidst the vast ocean of literary options. That's where AskJules comes into play. Created as a resource for members of Hardcover, this friendly AI-powered tool takes on the role of a virtual librarian, guiding users toward their next page-turner.

Meet Jules, the AI Librarian

Imagine walking into a library and being greeted by a knowledgeable assistant, eager to help you navigate through rows of books to find a story that fits your current mood or curiosity. That's the kind of personalized experience Jules aims to provide. Jules is not just any assistant; it's a cutting-edge AI designed to answer your reading-related questions and suggest books that align with your tastes and interests.

How Jules Can Help You

Whether you're in the mood for an epic fantasy adventure, a touching romance, or a thrilling mystery, Jules is equipped to handle a wide array of inquiries and book genres. When you interact with Jules, it's as simple as expressing what you're in the mood for, or asking a question about books. Here's what you can do:

· Discover new titles: Tell Jules what you've enjoyed in the past, and get personalized book recommendations.

· Answer book questions: Curious about a certain author or series? Jules can provide helpful insights.

· Explore different genres: Looking to branch out? Jules can suggest books from various genres to broaden your reading horizon.

Available to Hardcover Supporters

AskJules is an exclusive feature available to Hardcover supporters, offering them an enhanced book-discovery tool at their fingertips. By supporting Hardcover, you gain access to this unique service and contribute to the development of such innovative solutions.

Availability Across Platforms

To make sure that you have access to Jules wherever you go, it has been made available across multiple platforms:

· iOS: For iPhone users

· Android: Catering to users on Android devices

· Social Media: Connect with Jules on platforms like Discord, TikTok, Mastodon, and Instagram

Pros and Cons of Using AskJules


· Personalized Recommendations: Jules gives tailored book suggestions based on your interests.

· Easy to Use: Interacting with Jules is straightforward, making book discovery a breeze.

· Cross-Platform Availability: Access Jules across your favorite platforms and devices.


· Exclusive Access: Only Hardcover supporters can utilize the full features of AskJules.

· AI Limitations: While intelligent, Jules may not always perfectly capture the nuances of human preferences.

AskJules stands as a testament to the innovative ways technology can enhance our reading experiences. By offering a tailored approach to book discovery, Jules eliminates the guesswork and directs readers toward literary treasures they might not have found on their own. Give it a try and let Jules be your guide to a richer world of stories and imagination.

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