Overview of ArxivGPT Chrome Extension

If you find yourself drowning in the sea of academic papers available on arXiv, you're not alone. For those of us who want to keep abreast of the latest research developments but have limited time, the ArxivGPT Chrome extension might just be the life jacket we've been looking for.

The ArxivGPT extension is designed to enhance your browsing experience by providing succinct summaries and essential insights of arXiv papers with the click of a button. The tool uses natural language processing to extract the core ideas from papers, which is particularly helpful for researchers, students, or anyone with a keen interest in a specific field.



Summarization: This key feature of ArxivGPT effectively condenses the paper into a manageable piece of information, allowing you to understand complex topics without having to read through pages of dense academic writing.


Key Insights: In addition to a summary, the extension offers valuable insights into the paper, highlighting the most crucial points.


Follow Up Questions: Fuel your curiosity even further by asking additional questions through the extension's "ask me anything" input/button.

User Feedback

The extension has received varied feedback from its users. While some appreciate its value in saving time, others have pointed out some areas that need improvement.


Positives: Users like that it’s a useful tool for getting quick insights. Some users expressed satisfaction with the basic functionality of the extension.


Negatives: There are reports suggesting limitations with the follow-up questions feature. Others are hoping to see integration with newer models such as GPT-4 and have raised concerns about whether the tool summarizes the complete paper or only its abstract.

Updates and Forks

A noteworthy update comes from Singularity Labs, which, out of frustration with the original developer's inattention to bug fixes, released a fork called SciGPT. This new extension not only covers arXiv but has expanded its reach to other sites as well.

Privacy and Support


Privacy: The developer ensures users that their data will not be collected or misused, highlighting a commitment to privacy.


Support: The extension's support team invites users to visit their support site for any inquiries or assistance with the tool.

Complementary Tools

It’s worth mentioning that there are other similar tools available in the Chrome Web Store, such as SciSpace, arxiv-utils,, and Scholar with Code, each with its unique features that cater to different aspects of academia and research.

Overall, the ArxivGPT Chrome extension seems to cater to a niche yet significant audience that values swift, digestible knowledge. While there's room for growth and improvement, like any burgeoning technology, it presents a promising step towards making scientific literature more accessible to the wider public. Whether you're a casual enthusiast or a dedicated researcher, tools like ArxivGPT present an innovative way to stay informed without being overwhelmed by the ever-growing expanse of academic knowledge.

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