Arches AI

PricingFeaturesFAQBlogDocumentationUse CasesEnglishSign InRegisterElevate Your Business with AI-Driven SolutionsCreate intelligent chatbots, generate vibrant AI visuals, and integrate seamlessly using our API or no-code widgets.HomeFeaturesTalk to UsIntelligent Chatbot Integration - Transform user interactions with AI-enhanced responses.On-Premises Deployment - Secure and scalable AI solutions right in your infrastructure.AI-Enhanced Visual Generation - Captivating visuals using advanced AI techniques.Supercharge your business with AISome of the features that make Arches AI the best AI platform for your business.Create semantic search engines for your website or app.Embed your agents directly into your existing websites, safely and securely.Evaluate your agents across different settings to achieve the best results.Deploy your agents to the cloud or on-premise.Automatically analyze and generate concise summaries of large volumes of documents.Empower your chatbots with voice capabilities.Automatically categorize and tag your content.Support multiple languages in your chatbots.Want to deploy on private cloud?Want to run Arches AI on your own infrastructure? Deploy on your own private cloud or on-premise infrastructure. We support all major cloud providers.Multi-TenantUse Arches AI directly on our website. No setup required.Single-TenantGet your own dedicated instance of Arches AI. We'll set it up for you.On-PremiseDeploy Arches AI on your own private cloud or on-premise infrastructure.Choose a Pricing PlanWe have several plans to suit your needs. For starter, standard, and enterprise users.FreeStarterProEnterprisePrice$0$12.99 per month$49.99 per monthContact SalesCredits10,000 credits500,000 credits2,500,000 creditsUnlimited creditsApproximate Usage20 messages1 uploads600 messages50 uploads3,000 messages250 uploadsUnlimited messagesUnlimited uploadsChatbotImage GenerationAnimation GenerationEmbed Chatbot-API Access--Team Management--Single-tenant deployment---Deploy on your own infrastructure---Custom Integrations---Get StartedGet StartedGet StartedContact SalesFrequently Asked QuestionsHere are some of the most common questions we get asked aboutArches AI.GeneralHow does Arches AI work?Arches AI leverages advanced machine learning techniques to transform your documents into 'word embeddings'. These embeddings allow users to search by semantic meaning, rather than the exact language. This is especially valuable when trying to decipher unstructured text information, like textbooks, articles, and documentation.What are the main features of Arches AI?Arches AI offers a multitude of features: semantic search through documents, support for multiple files searching, an API for seamless integration with other platforms, and the ability to embed interactive widgets on your website or application for easy access and interaction by users.Can I integrate Arches AI with my application?Absolutely! Arches AI provides API tokens, allowing developers to easily integrate its powerful search capabilities into other platforms, applications, or websites.What are the benefits of embedding Arches AI widgets?Embedding Arches AI widgets allows users to access and interact with the platform directly from your website or application. It provides a seamless user experience, ensuring that users can easily search and retrieve information without navigating away from your platform.FeaturesCan I search m

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