Are you looking for a single tool to manage all your team's documentation needs? Archbee might be just the solution you need! This powerful tool is designed to help you manage your documentation with ease, and its AI-powered features can make the process even faster and more efficient.

What Can Archbee Do for You?

Answer Questions Instantly

With Archbee, you can build beautiful documentation portals and answer questions for your users, developers, or team instantly. No more delays in providing the information your users and team members need, supporting them just got a whole lot easier.

Write Better Technical Content with Your Team and AI

Archbee's "Write Assistance" feature allows you to generate docs based on your existing documents, API references, or GitHub code files. You can summarize, shorten, tighten, and rewrite content until it's perfect, and get documentation done up to 50% faster with AI-powered assistance.

Multiplayer Team Reviews

Write with your team in real-time and comment on content and structured APIs. Watch content as it changes and provide feedback, keeping your content always up-to-date and accurate.

Custom Blocks and Interactive Content

You can make your content interactive and well-organized by using custom blocks for each use case. Archbee supports images, videos, API references, diagrams, changelogs, splits, and 30 more custom blocks for the easiest reading experience.

Publish Portals that Align with Your Brand

Choose from multiple templates and layouts to customize how almost everything looks. You can even dig deeper into customizing every page element with Custom CSS or help from a developer. Archbee is fast and optimized for SEO, ensuring your product is easily found on the web.

Answer Questions Instantly with AI

Automatically answer user questions with Generative AI, never losing users again from delayed responses. Onboard and support users without the need for a massive customer support headcount. Answer developer questions instantly, and onboard them faster into your product, API, or SDK.

Integrate with Platforms & Tools Your Team is Already Using

Archbee integrates with various platforms and tools your team might already be using, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow for your documentation needs.

Pros and Cons


· Simplifies and speeds up the process of documentation

· AI-powered assistance for writing and answering questions

· Real-time collaboration features for teams

· Customization options for branding and layout

· Instant user and developer support


· Some advanced customization might require technical knowledge

· Dependency on AI for writing might not suit everyone's preferences

· Limited to the features provided, might not cover all specific use cases

In conclusion, Archbee's comprehensive suite of features is undoubtedly a great addition for teams looking to streamline their documentation processes and provide instant user support. With its AI-powered assistance and real-time collaboration features, Archbee is poised to make your team's documentation tasks much easier and efficient.

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