The AI-powered tool provides an inclusive web experience for all visitors. It is designed with the latest AI technology to ensure accessibility for everyone.

How It Works

The tool is easy to use - simply add it to your website. Once added, it analyzes the content using artificial intelligence to detect potential issues and offers suggestions for improving your site’s inclusivity.

Why It's Great

Here are some reasons why this tool is beneficial:


Inclusive Design: The tool emphasizes designing for accessibility, targeting functionality appreciated by all users, regardless of their abilities.


AI Technology: Its AI-driven approach allows for in-depth analysis that manual checks cannot match, quickly and efficiently identifying areas of improvement.


User Empathy: Embraces users with disabilities or unique requirements, showing that your website is designed with everyone in mind.


Proactive Approach: Instead of waiting for complaints or issues to arise, this tool helps you stay ahead, addressing potential issues before they become real problems.

Pros and Cons


1. Inclusive Design for All Users

2. Practical AI Technology

3. User Empathy

4. Proactive Accessibility Approach


1. Initial Learning Curve

If you want to ensure your website’s inclusivity and accessibility, this AI-powered tool is a great choice!

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