Bringing Your Ideas to Life in 3D with Animant

Visualizing concepts and designing within a three-dimensional space can be a daunting task, especially for those who aren't well-versed in the technical aspects of 3D design and animation. Fortunately, Animant has emerged as a creative solution that simplifies the process, allowing you to design interactive 3D scenes through the power of natural language and artificial intelligence.

Effortless 3D Design with Words

Imagine building a 3D world simply by describing it. That’s what Animant offers. You can create realistic product demos that respond to your movements or design an augmented reality (AR) classroom where practical experiments come to life. Instead of grappling with complex software or learning coding, you express your vision in words, and Animant translates it into a vivid, interactive scene.

Tailored for Augmented Reality

Animant is designed with a focus on augmented reality, integrating the digital and physical worlds. Scan your room to construct an intricate 3D floor plan, or use Object Capture to animate physical objects within your scene. Animant cultivates an intuitive experience where your imagination meets reality.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Whether you're planning a product layout or sharing a technical concept, Animant’s SharePlay feature allows you to bring up to 32 participants into your augmented reality workspace via FaceTime and iMessage.

Dynamic Movement with Simple Steps

Modelling paths in your AR scenes becomes natural with Animant's waypoint feature, enabling you to direct objects along a route simply by walking it.

A Toolbox for Your Creativity

Animant offers a suite of tools that caters to various creative needs. Generate a 3D model from a scan, or add captions with Markdown formatting. Animant even supports external lighting and physics to ensure your scenes are seamlessly integrated into the real world.

Privacy and Accessibility

Privacy is a cornerstone of Animant’s design, as it operates without collecting any personal data. This allows a worry-free environment to let your creativity run wild. Additionally, the app renders scenes on your device, eliminating concerns about online availability and further securing your privacy.

Reality Meets Imagination

Textures and environments can be tailored to your liking by uploading photos to enhance the realism of your 3D space. This level of customization ensures each project is as unique as its creator.

Get Started with Animant

Animant is available for iOS 16+, iPadOS 16+, and macOS Ventura 13+. It's a toolbox that’s set to redefine how we interact with 3D content creation, offering ease and intuitive design in one package. And for professionals eyeing the next big thing, Apple Vision Pro will soon support Animant too.

In a world where technology continues to break creative boundaries, Animant stands as a beacon for those who wish to craft immersive 3D experiences without the steep learning curve of traditional 3D animation software. Whether for professional use or personal projects, Animant bridges the gap between your ideas and the extraordinary visual stories they can become.

Learn more about Animant and start your 3D journey.

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