Are you interested in improving your LinkedIn outreach? Introducing LE-02, an AI-powered tool from Altera that transforms your approach to selling on LinkedIn. With LE-02, you can streamline the process of personalizing your messages and comments, resulting in more meaningful connections with your audience.

How it Works

LE-02 achieves this through hyper-personalized messaging, context-aware comments, and a conversational flow designed to help you reach your goals. Users have seen up to a threefold increase in message response rates and four times more connection request acceptances. The AI ensures that your messages and comments maintain a natural, human tone, adapting to your writing style.

Real Results, Real People

Many LinkedIn users credit LE-02 with improving their sales numbers and even helping them secure their ideal job. The tool has received glowing reviews for its ability to book partner calls quickly and craft personalized messages, making a genuine impact in the LinkedIn community.

Simply Tap and Generate

This AI tool seamlessly integrates with Chrome and LinkedIn, making it easy to use. By tapping on the icon, you can generate suggested AI responses, insert them, and post them in the comment section with minimal effort.

Pros and Cons


· Personalized responses

· Context-aware comments

· Increased message response rates and connection request acceptances

· Maintains a human tone

· Seamless integration with LinkedIn


· May feel less personal than writing messages manually

· Limited to use on LinkedIn

Final Note

Altera's LE-02 demonstrates the potential of AI in transforming sales outreach. If you're looking to enhance your sales skills and stand out on LinkedIn, consider adding this AI tool to your toolkit. Embrace the power of AI to secure more deals and strengthen your professional relationships on the platform.

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