Are you tired of spending time and effort creating thumbnails and ad creatives for your content? AlphaCTR is designed to generate high-performance thumbnails and ad creatives with just a few clicks, saving you time and effort.


  • Fast and Easy: Spend less time creating and more time making content.
  • Hundreds of Options: Generate hundreds of creatives in seconds.
  • Custom Model Training: Optimized for high click-through rates.
  • 99% Accurate Face Generation: Enjoy higher click-through rates with accurate face reconstruction.
  • AI-Powered Text Effects: Create captivating visuals with AI-powered text effects.
  • AI-Powered Picker: Personalize your results based on your preferences and favorite styles.

How It Works

  1. Prompt: Simply prompt the AI to generate creatives, and upload a reference image if needed.
  2. Faces & References: Add faces or references to get the best creative output.
  3. Pick Your Creatives: The AI generates four creatives per prompt. Choose the one that you like best.


Choose from different subscription plans:

  • Basic: $5/month | 25 credits | Unlimited Text Styles | Unlimited Downloads
  • Pro: $15/month | 100 credits | Unlimited Text Styles | Unlimited Downloads
  • Ultimate: $25/month | 250 credits | Unlimited Text Styles | Unlimited Downloads


Some commonly asked questions about AlphaCTR:

  • Ease of Use: Yes, AlphaCTR is easy to use, and no design experience is necessary.
  • Accuracy: The 99% face reconstruction technology ensures the accuracy of the creatives.
  • Customization: Users can customize text on their creatives and use them for ad creatives.

Transform your content visuals with AlphaCTR’s user-friendly AI technology and create professional-looking thumbnails and ad creatives, regardless of your design expertise. See your content visuals transform like never before with AlphaCTR!

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