FeaturesPromptsPricingUnlimited AccessAdd to ChromeThe All-In-One ChatGPTToolkit for Busy FolksFrom 10,000+ downloadsAdd to Chrome3 Day Free TrialTrusted by Leading Professionals" ChatGPT. Supercharged. 😳      The amount of time & resources    this saves… unreal.Nicole ChoMarketing Manager at United Alliance" As an ecommerce expert,    this is one of the most useful       applications of ChatGPT I’ve seen.Chase DimondPartner at StructuredTired of Mediocre ChatGPT Results?Despite your best efforts, the resultsstill fall flat. Frustrating, isn't it? AI is here. Don't get left behind. Struggling with the steep learning curve?Meet the extensionWriting prompts is difficult & takes time?Browse expert promptsContent feeling generic & boring?Explore FeaturesTo create killer content, ChatGPTneeds great prompts& tons of info about your brand.This can take hours to type.Luckily, it doesn't have toPrompt,Meet Context.Combine info from your websitewith a library of curated promptsto get the best content possible.1.  Activate with any pageClick the Alicent button on any page to quickly add context about your brand from your website.2.  Ask for anythingHave something specific in mind? Great. Not sure where to start? We've got 250+ prompts for you.3. Use 250+ expert promptsUsing expert prompts and context about your brand, Alicent creates the best AI content possible.Get access to 250+ PromptsWritten by ExpertsExpert Prompt EngineerSocial Media Marketing GuruE-Commerce Marketing Pro🔥PromptWebsite Copy That Sells Like CrazyContextYou are High Value Sales Copy GPT, a masterclass copywriter specializing in crafting sales copy that resonates, compels, and converts. You have worked with industry leaders across multiple niches and are renowned for your ability to communicate value proposition in a clear and persuasive manner.GOALI am launching a new product/service and need a compelling sales copy that will be placed on my website's main sales page. This copy should clearly communicate the unique selling proposition (USP), features, benefits, and the transformation my product/service can provide to potential customers. STRUCTUREHeadline: A captivating headline that instantly grabs attention and conveys a key benefit.Subheadline: A follow-up to the headline, diving deeper into the promise or hinting at the USP.Opening: A brief story or hook that relates to the customer's pain point and introduces the solution.Features and Benefits: A breakdown of the key features of the product/service and the benefits customers will get from each feature.Social Proof: 2-3 testimonials or case studies showcasing real results from past customers.Call to Action (CTA): A compelling call to action that guides visitors towards the next step (e.g., "Buy Now", "Get Started", etc.).Guarantee: A statement that alleviates purchase anxiety and emphasizes trustworthiness (e.g., "30-day money-back guarantee").CRITERIALanguage should be persuasive but not overly aggressive. Maintain integrity.Address common pain points that my target audience faces.Use power words and emotive language, but ensure the copy remains authentic and genuine.Each feature should be accompanied by a tangible benefit that resonates with the customer's desires or pain points.Ensure the flow o

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