Revolutionize Your Workplace with Akooda AI Tool

Akooda provides an AI-powered tool designed to streamline work processes and enhance productivity. Showcased at the prestigious TechCrunch Battlefield 200, this tool offers a suite of features for seamless automation, optimization, and data-driven insights.

What is Akooda?

Akooda is an AI-powered tool with features designed to simplify complex workflows, enhance productivity, and provide actionable intelligence. It seamlessly integrates into your existing systems, ensuring a smooth implementation process.

Features We Offer


· Automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as data entry and leave management.

· Integrates AI bots into your system to become digital assistants.

· Augments your existing processes with AI-powered suggestions to improve efficiency.


· Utilizes AI insights to optimize resource allocation, task scheduling, and project planning.

· Uses predictive analysis for informed decision-making.

Data-Driven Insights

· Provides actionable business insights from intuitive dashboards for real-time monitoring of performance.

· Tracks and manages your workforce in a more efficient and data-rich manner.


Akooda seamlessly integrates with widely known tools such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and project management platforms.


Our user-friendly and visually appealing dashboards make it easy for you to monitor various aspects of your business, all in one place.

About Us

At Akooda, our dedicated team of experts continues to push the boundaries of what's possible with AI. We're always eager to help you and your business succeed.

Experience the Akooda Difference

Request a demo of Akooda now and embrace productivity, efficiency, and a seamless workflow powered by AI.


· Seamlessly integrates into existing systems.

· Provides AI-powered suggestions for enhancing efficiency.

· Offers data-driven insights for improved decision-making.

· Targets repetitive and time-consuming tasks.


· Integration could potentially require additional setup efforts.

· The abundance of features might lead to a learning curve for some users.

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