Discover AKME - Your Personal AI Assistant

The rise of AI has introduced us to various tools that can make our daily tasks more manageable and efficient. One such tool that's gained attention is AKME, an innovative iOS app that significantly simplifies your interaction with OpenAI's GPT model.

All-in-One AI Companion

AKME is designed for iPhone and iPad users who are eager to harness the power of AI for a plethora of activities. The app serves as a personal assistant, offering a chat-like interface that allows users to communicate easily with the GPT model.

Here's a glimpse of what AKME offers:

  • Diverse Domains: Covering 15 different areas ranging from education to entertainment, AKME ensures that there's something for everyone.
  • Prompt Suggestions: Over 150 editable prompts are available to guide your interaction with AI, tailored to your preferences and interests.
  • Customizable Interactions: Make adjustments to the AI parameters to get the personalized outcome you want.
  • Privacy First Approach: Your interactions are your own. AKME has a strong commitment to user privacy, ensuring that your data stays yours.

Engage in Deep Conversations

One of the key features of AKME is the ability to maintain a thread in your conversations. By sending message history along with new queries, you can have coherent and informative discussions with the AI, staying on topic without losing context.

Local Data Control

Privacy is a primary concern in today's digital age, and AKME respects that by not collecting user data. Your conversation threads stay local to your device and can also be exported for your records without prying eyes.

Getting Started

Getting started with AKME is straightforward:

  1. BYOK: For those who have their own OpenAI API key, simply bring it to the app.
  2. In-App Tokens: No API key? No problem. Purchase tokens within the app to continue enjoying the service.

OpenAI's Data Usage Policy provides detailed information on how your data is used when interacting with the OpenAI API.

Updated and Ready

AKME values continuous improvement. With regular updates like the addition of Polish localisation and bug fixes, AKME is dedicated to providing a smooth user experience.


AKME positions itself as a handy assistant that caters to a wide demographic of iOS users. Its easy-to-use interface and concern for privacy make it a reliable tool for those looking to integrate the capabilities of AI into their daily lives. While there's no affiliation with OpenAI, AKME leverages the power of GPT to provide a service that's impactful and useful across various domains.

As with all AI tools, the accuracy and appropriateness of responses can vary, and it's important for users to apply their judgment when using AKME. Nonetheless, for anyone who needs a quick consultation, writing aid, or just a bit of AI companionship, this app stands out as a strong contender.

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