Navigating the ocean of Excel spreadsheets and Google Sheets can be a daunting task. Constantly writing formulas, analyzing data, and debugging scripts consume a significant chunk of time. Step in Ajelix BI, a data visualization platform that also doubles up as your spreadsheet Swiss Army knife. Let's take a journey into the workings of this user-friendly AI-powered tool and how it can simplify your workflow.

Simplify Your Spreadsheet Tasks with Ajelix

Ajelix is the helping hand you never knew you needed for Excel and Google Sheets. Aimed at enhancing productivity, Ajelix offers a suite of tools tailored to transform how users handle spreadsheet tasks. From beginners to experts, any user looking to achieve more in less time will find a friend in Ajelix BI.

Your New Virtual Spreadsheet Assistant

Packed with a range of AI Excel & Google Sheets Tools, Ajelix makes tasks more efficient. Whether you need to generate templates, create reports, analyze data with artificial intelligence, or write and explain VBA scripts, Ajelix promises to deliver results at least tenfold faster.

Boost Your Excel Experience

· Data Visualization: Craft polished reports swiftly and let AI handle data analysis.

· AI Excel Formula Generator: Convert your text instructions into functional Excel formulas.

· Excel Formula Explainer: Break down and comprehend the anatomy of complex Excel formulas.

· Excel VBA Script Tools: From generation to debugging, AI helps enhance your VBA code efficiency.

Google Sheets Made Easy

· Google Apps Script Tools: Generate, explain, and optimize scripts with ease.

· Google Sheets Formula Tools: Transform descriptions into fully working formulas and get clear explanations for them.

No More Language Barriers

· Excel File Translator: Overcome linguistic obstacles within your spreadsheets.

Templates and Integration

· Excel Template Generator: Input keywords and receive custom templates.

· Excel Add-in: Access Ajelix's AI tools directly in your spreadsheet environment.

The Convenience of Ajelix BI

Ajelix not only supports you with tools but also nudges you towards data-driven decision-making. With a tutorial-rich environment, the platform empowers users to handle their BI and visualization needs effectively.

Affordability and Access

You can start with Ajelix for free and get familiar with its offerings without providing any credit card details. Ajelix provides free access to 10 monthly requests for its AI Excel Tools and more than 15 productivity tools for subscribers. If you're seeking the guidance of top Excel experts, Ajelix offers premium support at an affordable rate - under $6.

Assistance Just a Click Away

With the aspiration of being the go-to partner for all your spreadsheet quandaries, Ajelix ensures support is always within reach. Whether you're stuck figuring out a formula or need to optimize your spreadsheet performance, Ajelix tools are at your service, ready to be tried out without cost.

Keeping Up with Ajelix

Staying informed is key to maximizing any tool, and Ajelix acknowledges this by keeping its users updated. With news, updates, and tutorials, users can keep abreast of any new features and enhancements to the Ajelix BI platform.

Pros and Cons of Using Ajelix BI


· A comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools for both Excel and Google Sheets.

· Quick and easy report creation and data analysis.

· User-friendly interface suitable for all levels of Excel and Google Sheets users.

· Offers free access to start and a low-cost subscription model for further usage.

· Provides clear explanations and optimization for spreadsheet formulas and scripts.


· A certain learning curve for those new to AI-powered tools.

· Monthly request limits on the free plan may restrict heavy users.

· Depending on updates and machine learning models, there might be occasional inaccuracies that need user review.


Ajelix BI is crafted to bridge the gap between your data and the reports you need, offering much more than a data visualization platform. It promotes a smart work culture where your time is valued and tasks are no longer a slog. Why not ease into the future of spreadsheets and give Ajelix a whirl? The free start is just a click away, leading you to a world where you can truly work smarter, not harder.

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