Skip to content Ai Text Detector Menu AI Text Detector Blog About Us Privacy Policy Contact Us AI Text Detector AI content detector AI Content Detector Utilize our AI-powered content evaluation tool, trained on vast amounts of data and language, to predict whether your content is optimized by a human or generated by an AI. With the emergence of AI watermarking and the growing necessity for Chat GPT detection, it’s essential to have an awareness of the AI detection scores for your content. 0/1500 Detect Text $(document).ready(function () { // your jQuery code here function toggleMenu() { var x = $("#menu-items"); x.slideToggle(); x.closest(); } }); const submitButton = document.getElementById("submit-button"); async function query(data) { const response = await fetch( "", { headers: { Authorization: "Bearer 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" }, method: "POST", body: JSON.stringify(data), } ); const result = await response.json(); return result; } submitButton.addEventListener("click", async function () { const textInput = document.getElementById("myTextArea").value; const data = { inputs: textInput }; const result = await query(data); var firstLabel = result[0][0].label; var firstScore = result[0][0].score; var progressBarCont = document.querySelector(".progress-container"); var progressBar = document.querySelector(".progress-bar"); = "block"; = "block"; = firstScore * 100 + "%"; var labelToShow; if (firstLabel === "LABEL_0") { labelToShow = "ai"; } else if (firstLabel === "LABEL_1") { labelToShow = "human"; } else { labelToShow = "unknown"; } document.getElementById("output").innerHTML = labelToShow + ", Score: " + (firstScore * 100).toFixed(2) + " %"; }); What is an AI Text Detector? AI Text detector is an artificial intelligence model that uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and classify different types of content based on their visual, textual, and contextual features. By training on large datasets of labeled examples, AI models can learn to identify patterns and correlations that distinguish between different content categories, such as safe vs. uns

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