Introducing: Aissist - Your Ultimate Business Assistant

Aissist is an AI-powered tool designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing software systems, improve your team's productivity, and provide human-like, sentiment-sensitive customer service.

Why Aissist?

· Boost Productivity: Aissist has an 85% resolution rate in customer service and a human-parity conversion rate in sales qualification, designed to supercharge your team's capabilities.

· Full Integration: Aissist seamlessly integrates with your entire software stack, including inventory, ordering, shipping, CRM, and databases.

· 5-Minute Setup: Aissist can be up and running in just 10 minutes by describing what you need, with no hassle of complicated intents or rules.

· Cost-effective: Aissist offers an AI solution at an affordable price of $0.05 per AI interaction.

Aissist Features


· Automatically generates context-aware responses and drafts, resolving 85% of customer requests.

· Aissist acts as your co-pilot, generating drafts, translating, summarizing, and more whenever needed, improving your team's productivity.

Convert Assets into Intelligence

· Turn your existing assets such as websites, documents, knowledge bases, and databases into intelligence to enhance customer service and drive sales.


· Ingest Generative AI into your entire software ecosystem with multiple off-the-shelf integrations available. Custom integrations are also supported, ensuring a seamless experience.

Generate Tags

· Describe what you need, and let Aissist's AI figure out the rest. The generated tags are seamlessly integrated with your Agent Platform, notifications, and human team support.

Seek Help Automatically

· Aissist can automatically detect the need for human assistance or follow-up, seamlessly handing over to your human team reliably and smoothly.

Auto Summary

· The AI can automatically detect the need to summarize conversations, making it easier for your human team to understand.


· Enable continuous improvement by generating insightful reports on conversations, sentiments, and action items, ensuring that your operations are always improving.

What Our Users Say

Aissist is already empowering businesses to transform their operations and achieve unparalleled efficiency. Our wide range of partners, including Front, Gorgias, Zendesk, Shopify, and more, stands as a testament to our commitment to seamless integration and an exceptional user experience.


Aissist starts at just $0.05 per AI interaction. Pay only for what you use! A free trial plan is available to experience the full power of Aissist before committing. For larger enterprises, customized packages are available.

Elevate your business operations with Aissist, your ultimate business assistant!

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