Introducing SmartestChild: Your New AI Chatbot

If you’ve ever wanted to have a personal chatbot that responds just like a real human, now you can! SmartestChild is an AI chatbot that has learned from thousands of internet conversations to become more like you, a user. This chatbot goes through a large language model that runs directly in your browser using WebGPU, and don’t worry—no data is sent to the server. Let’s talk emojis, abbreviations, and free expression!

What Makes SmartestChild Unique?

  • Web-Based Convenience: You don’t need to download or install any special software. Just open the link, and you’re set to chat with SmartestChild.
  • No Data Sent: All your conversations with SmartestChild are kept locally (cached in local storage) and no information is sent to a server. So, you can rest easy knowing your messages are all right there in your browser.
  • Personal Conversations: SmartestChild has been trained on millions of conversations, so it’s been learning from the wisdom of the internet, just like you have! It understands both internet slang and real communication.

How Does It Work?

SmartestChild functions by running off a Large Language Model (LLM) named Vicuna-13B. When you first land on the page, if it’s your first time, the model gets cached in your browser to boost performance. With WebGPU enabled, it brings this powerful language model to life—quickly responding to your queries and replicating natural human exchanges.

Powered by Apache TVM and MLC Relax Runtime, this ensures that all the hard work of understanding language and making it internet-friendly happens right in your browser without any server interaction.

Tweeting about it? SmartestChild has a Twitter account you can follow for the latest updates. And if you’re technically inclined, you can also view the project’s code on GitHub to see the magic for yourself.

Pros and Cons of SmartestChild


  • Convenient access to an AI chatbot right in your browser.
  • No server interaction, ensuring your privacy and data protection.
  • Supporting internet slang and real conversation helps you feel like you’re talking to a friend.


  • Requires Chrome 113 or later, which means older browsers might not be supported.
  • The first load might take a few extra seconds as the model gets cached in your browser.

In summary, SmartestChild is the internet-savvy, empathetic chatbot you’ve always wanted. So go ahead, open the link and start chatting in internet language, abbreviations, and offbeat emoticons. SmartestChild is here to be your personal internet pal!

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