Discover the Magic of AI-Assisted Guest Communication with AI Duh

Navigating the intricacies of guest communication can be a daunting task, especially when you're managing properties and trying to ensure every guest has a stellar experience. But what if you could drastically reduce the time you spend typing out responses without compromising on the personalized touch that makes your service stand out? Enter AI Duh, an innovative Chrome extension designed to revolutionize the way hosts interact with their guests.

Cut Down on Response Time

AI Duh is not your ordinary response tool. It's an intelligent AI-responder that's integrated with Hostaway—it’s tailored specifically to reduce your writing efforts by a whopping 98%. You might wonder how it achieves such efficiency. The secret lies in its ability to generate AI-powered responses quickly and accurately.

How It Works

This remarkable tool takes into account various sources of information to craft responses that are both informative and contextually relevant. Here’s what it uses:

· Property-specific Knowledge: You provide a document of up to 800 words detailing everything about your property. This could include amenities, local attractions, and any details that make your property unique.

· Guest Data: AI Duh processes reservation details such as the guest's name, their stay dates, check-in/check-out times, and any specifics about their party, ensuring responses are tailored to each individual guest.

· Chat History: To create a seamless experience, the AI examines previous conversations. This ensures the responses maintain continuity and relevance to the ongoing discussion.

By combining these data points, AI Duh formulates responses that are impressively humanlike, helping to manage guest expectations and queries with ease.

The AI Behind the Scenes

While AI Duh is currently in beta, it's powered by cutting-edge AI technologies including OpenAI's GPT3 Davinci-003 and GPT NeoX 20B. These AI models are so advanced that they produce text indistinguishable from human writing, delivering quality responses that resonate well with recipients.

Quality Assurance

In our tests, an overwhelming majority of the AI-generated responses scored between 4 (good) and 5 (great), demonstrating that they often don't require further editing. For the few that might need a touch-up, it's still faster to modify an AI-prefilled response than to write one from scratch.

Pricing Strategy

While advanced AI comes with significant costs, AI Duh has found a balance offering a 14-day free trial and a lifetime price lock at $49/month per listing for early adopters, covering up to 300 queries per month. After the beta phase, the anticipated regular pricing is estimated at around $95/month per listing.

Future Integrations

The team behind AI Duh is fervently working to expand compatibility with mobile devices, more platforms beyond Hostaway, and other web browsers. Stay tuned for updates expected in the first quarter of 2023.

Get in Touch

Intrigued by AI Duh and how it can transform your guest communications? Reach out at for personalized information and learn how you can integrate this ingenious tool into your hosting workflow.

Crafted by hosts who understand the demands of the industry, AI Duh promises to be an invaluable asset for hosts looking for an edge in customer service. Why not experience the difference AI-enhanced interactions could make for you and your guests today?

For the full details and to get started, you might want to visit their website or watch a demo video to see AI Duh in action. Whether you're managing a single property or a suite of rentals, this tool could be the key to enhancing your communication strategy with efficiency and ease.

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