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AIbstract — Musical Intelligence

May 17, 2024
AIbstract — Musical Intelligence

Discover the Musical Wizardry of AIbstract

In the art of storytelling, whether through film, video games, or even personal moments, music often serves as a critical ingredient that captures the essence and emotion of the experience. Imagine being able to wield the power of a composer and performer to craft your own unique soundtrack for any moment or project, transforming it into an unforgettable memory. This is where AIbstract, an innovative software solution powered by artificial intelligence, embarks on its mission to enhance your creative endeavors.

A Virtual Composer at Your Service

AIbstract stands out as a versatile tool that's accessible to everyone, regardless of their musical training or experience. It breaks down the barriers to musical creation by offering a user-friendly platform that generates and streams tailored music. This original, royalty-free soundtrack can be produced in real time, granting you the freedom to have a background score reflective of your mood, theme, or concept.

Crafting Your Musical Journey

The creative process with AIbstract is seamless, designed to nurture your musical ideas into fully-realized pieces. You'll have a reliable partner in this virtual composer, who will take your input and desires to heart, ensuring that each composition is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece tailored just for you.

Innovation and Simplicity Combined

Leveraging cloud computing, AIbstract ensures that your experience is smooth and efficient, irrespective of the computing power of your device. It's capable of integrating with multiple software environments, which simplifies your workflow and can potentially automate the incorporation of musical components to your projects.

Creative Freedom without Boundaries

AIbstract respects your rights as a creator. Music that you generate through this platform is entirely yours. The application stands firm in its principle to not claim intellectual property over your compositions, giving you the liberty to share, distribute, commercialize, and even register your music as you see fit.

Flexibility for Every User

Whether you're a music enthusiast, a professional organization, a musician, or a content creator, AIbstract is designed to cater to your specific needs. Here's how AIbstract encases its offerings for different users:

· Free Users: You get access to generate up to three songs per day and store up to 15 songs.

· Music Lovers: Enhance your personal collection with options for additional storage.

· Musicians: Get access to advanced musical parameters for in-depth customization.

· Content Creators: Avail professional-grade audio and composition files to back your content.

The pricing models vary according to your needs, starting with a free tier and scaling up for professional use with monthly subscription options.

The Team Behind the Magic

Behind AIbstract is a team of skilled individuals, including a musical director, a music researcher, a software engineer, an AI engineer and researcher, as well as legal advisors to ensure everything runs smoothly. This multidisciplinary group unites under the shared passion of turning dreams into reality through the power of music and technology.

Connecting with AIbstract

AIbstract’s doors are always open for those who wish to learn more, discuss potential collaborations, or simply share their experience with the team. Quick and helpful responses are promised to all inquiries.

In the realm of music and creativity, AIbstract serves as a powerful ally. It pushes the boundaries of what is possible in musical composition, giving you the tools to create soundtracks that resonate with every beat of your imagination.

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