Productivity!Providing a reliable solution to overcome data productivity challenges.Low-Code Data Fabric forTry Low Code Multi-Persona Platform for Data Prep and Exploratory Data Analysis in MinutesDeploy your predictive model for freeOpt-in for $1,300 AWS credit and $300 Databricks DBU*Bonus available for Proof-of-Concept usersSee the AI-Surge Low-Code Data Fabric Solutions in Action!If you need to maximize the value of your Data Scientist Team, AI Surge can help. Request a demo today and find out how!Book a demo“Thus citizen data scientists are likely to play a crucial role in the days to come to meet industry demand.”TOP DATA SCIENCE & AI TRENDS FOR 2023 - AIMResearchDownloadFeatured onAI Surge Cloud's popularity is on the rise due to Tool, Service, & Application modelOrganization Willing to Build Data ApplicationsWith our Tool, Service, & Application model, you can rapidly adopt artificial intelligence (AI) to drive growth in your business, resulting in growth, profit, efficiency, and optimization for your business.Simplicity without complexityFaster and cheaper insights from your data. We do it for you.Without AI SurgeChallenges with modelling at scaleSiloed development stack acrossDataOpsData Engineering TeamQuality MetricsData refresh.Data completeness.VersioningDataset versionsAccess ControlData ACLChallengesData availability (Gap between data and business).Data quality.Stale features.The data pipeline is behind scheduleMLOpsML Engineering TeamQuality MetricsModel accuracyVersioningModel versionsAccess ControlModel ACLChallengesNo common data across teams.No tracking of metadata.Managing the lifecycle of hundreds of models.Models have been fine tuned over the last minutesDevOpsCloud Engineering TeamQuality MetricsService reliability.Uptime metrics.VersioningService versionAccess ControlService ACLChallengesChange management.Bridge the gap between data engineers and ML engineers. No end-to-end lineage.The services is down by 400‘sWith AI SurgeNo-Code Unified Decision Intelligence PlatformDataOpsData Engineering TeamMLOpsML Engineering TeamDevOpsCloud Engineering TeamPlatformPoliciesSecurityLineageSharingGovernanceEasily and affordably find insights from your dataA multi-view capabilities that make it easy to analyze Marketing Intelligence.Check out how you can build Predicting Marketing Promotion5 minsWatch now How it works90% Faster Insights, 90% CheaperRevolutionizing The Data WorldWith our Infrastructure for your code (IaC) & auto-scaling mechanism, your data architecture will only use the resources it needs. This ensures you don't pay for more than what is required.Built-in withLearn MoreCloud InfrastructureProductivity is important. With our low code data infrastructure-as-a-platform, you can focus on exactly what's most important to your business and ecosystem.Built-in withLearn MoreData ProcessingData ObservabilityGetting the right data is important - Data Observability for Actionable InsightsLearn MoreA multi-view capabilities that make it easy to analyze the individual Customer360 and visually link relationships.Built-in withLearn MoreMarketing CapabilitiesYour first project, delivered in just 4 weeks.The AI Surge Cloud Guarantee offers a swift solution from raw data to decision-making through a

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