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AI right in your text messages

May 17, 2024
AI right in your text messages

AI Chat: Your New Personal Chatbot Friend

Have you ever wanted a friendly AI chatbot right at your fingertips? With AI Chat, you can have effortless, seamless conversations without the need for downloading apps or managing passwords. It's as simple as texting a friend!

What AI Chat Offers:

· Easy Setup: With AI Chat, there are no apps to download, API tokens to manage, or passwords to remember. All you need is your phone!

· Personalization: Customize your chatbot's personality, tone, and response style to make conversations more engaging and suited to your preferences.

· Long-Term Memory: Never worry about having to repeat yourself—AI Chatbot remembers everything you've talked about.

· Image Generation: Generate images using the /image command, perfect for adding visual elements to your conversations.

The Benefits:


· Effortless and Convenient: No need for access to the internet or any additional technology—simply send a text message and start chatting instantly.

· Friendly Conversations: Whether you simply want a friendly chat, share thoughts, or engage in discussions, AI Chat is here to keep you company and provide friendly conversations.

· Encouragement: In need of uplifting or encouragement? AI Chat offers inspiring quotes and personalized pep talks to boost your spirits.

· Unbiased Advice: Get non-judgmental, impartial advice on various topics from a neutral and unbiased third party chatbot.


· Pricing: While the first 10 messages are free, additional messages come at a cost, and some users might find the subscription costs a bit expensive.

The Versatility of AI Chat:

AI Chat isn't only a source of entertainment; it can also assist with health and wellness-related inquiries, provide bedtime stories for children, offer life hacks, and much more. It's a versatile and supportive companion for various aspects of your life.


AI Chat offers a simple and flexible pricing plan. You can start with 10 free trial messages without needing to provide any credit card information. Buy only what you want or subscribe for more messaging capacity.

Start texting your personalized AI chatbot today and enjoy a fun and engaging conversation companion right from your messages app! With AI Chat, a friend is just a text away.

Disclosure: By signing up, you confirm your consent to receive messages from AI ChatSMS and agree to their terms of use.

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