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Revolutionize Your Hiring Process With SkillPool

In today's fast-paced business landscape, the recruitment process can easily become overwhelming. That's where SkillPool steps in, offering a sophisticated AI resume screening tool designed to simplify and optimize your hiring workflow. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, SkillPool customizes its services to your needs.

Simplified Recruitment in Three Steps

SkillPool streamlines your recruitment process with a three-step approach that anyone can easily incorporate into their hiring strategy.

1. Define the Job Role

Start by inputting the job title and the responsibilities associated with the position. SkillPool's user-friendly interface allows you to set up your job posting with ease, laying the groundwork for a successful talent search.

2. Upload Applicant Resumes

Next, upload the resumes you've collected from the candidates. SkillPool's advanced algorithms will take over from this point, analyzing the information to aid you in making informed decisions.

3. Automatic Screening

With the push of a button, SkillPool's AI technology gets to work, evaluating resumes and presenting you with a ranked list of applicants based on their alignment with the job specifications.

Start Hiring with SkillPool

Experience Hassle-Free Job Post Creation

When adding a new job, simply enter the details, and you're set. Try it out and see how quickly you can have your posting up and running.

Seamless Resume Uploads

Maximize your productivity with straightforward resume uploads. SkillPool takes care of the rest, leveraging its AI to facilitate your selection process.

Instant Talent Discovery

Let SkillPool's AI-driven model do the heavy lifting. It quickly identifies the most qualified candidates, allowing you to focus on interviewing the best of the bunch.

Choose Your Plan

SkillPool offers a variety of plans to fit your organization's size and needs. From our no-cost Free Plan to the comprehensive features in the Pro Plan, there is something for every stage of business growth.

· Free Plan: Ideal for new startups, this plan includes one available job and allows for 10 resumes per job.

· Basic Plan: A choice for growing startups, it provides 5 jobs and 50 resumes per job at $20.

· Pro Plan: For larger enterprises, this plan supports 15 jobs with up to 200 resumes per job for $50.

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