Introducing the Ultimate AI Recruitment Tool: AI-Recruiter

Discover the cutting-edge in recruitment technology with AI-Recruiter, your go-to software designed to upgrade your LinkedIn hiring process. At the core of AI-Recruiter lies a sophisticated AI-driven workflow that simplifies and streamlines how you source, engage, and select the right candidates.

How AI-Recruiter Transforms Recruitment

With the labor market evolving rapidly, AI-Recruiter is the smart solution every modern recruiter needs. Here's how it works:

Step 1: AI-Powered LinkedIn Candidate Discovery

Utilize AI to effortlessly trawl through job posts, pinpoint crucial keywords, and conduct focused LinkedIn searches, presenting you with the ideal candidates.

Step 2: Intelligent Candidate Profiling and Matching

The AI asks pointed questions to evaluate how well a candidate fits a job, helping you make well-informed decisions and pick the most compatible candidates.

Step 3: Connection Automation

Set up automatic communications with candidates through LinkedIn, InMail, or email, keeping them engaged without additional effort from your side.

Step 4: AI-Powered Interaction

The AI facilitates meaningful conversations, provides direct responses, measures interest levels and gathers information smoothly.

Features Tailored for Efficient Recruitment

AI-Recruiter isn't just about finding candidates—it's about making the entire recruitment process more efficient.

· Smart AI Assistant: Rely on AI to grade profiles, field questions, and make decisions, enhancing the efficiency of your selection process.

· Automated Workflows: Auto-adjust tasks based on candidate status, sending out connection requests and follow-ups, thus cutting down on manual tasks.

· Customizable Messages: Pick from a variety of message templates to ensure that your communication remains personal at every point of interaction.

· Safe Local Operation: Run secure browser automation locally on your device without risking your LinkedIn credentials.

· Any Platform, Anywhere: The tool is available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and even Docker, ensuring you can deploy it based on your needs.

· Multi-Account Management: Handle numerous LinkedIn accounts within one single campaign, expanding your reach to multiple candidates.

Pricing Plans for Every Need

Whether you're a solo recruiter or part of a large enterprise, AI-Recruiter has a plan for you. Starting at just $19.90 per month, the Starter plan includes access for one LinkedIn Runner Account, up to 5 active jobs, and a maximum of 1500 candidates. For larger recruitment operations, the Pro and Enterprise plans offer additional access and capacity.

Real World Success

But don't just take our word for it. Our clients, like Dany Monson, CEO & Founder, and Baha Moretz, Recruitment Manager, have experienced firsthand the transformative impact of AI-Recruiter on their hiring process. They've witnessed improved hiring success rates and now make more informed decisions swiftly, all testimony to AI-Recruiter's effectiveness.

Start with Ease

Getting started with AI-Recruiter is a breeze. You can download the desktop app for either Windows or Mac and embark on your transformative recruitment journey with a free one month trial—and no need for a credit card.

As with any software tool, users should be aware that the Windows app may not be certified as 'trusted' just yet, but comprehensive instructions on installation and operation are available in the app documentation.

In conclusion, AI-Recruiter promises to redefine the way companies hire through LinkedIn. With its AI-powered functionalities, easy-to-use interface, and customizable features, this tool is an indispensable asset for recruitment professionals aiming to optimize their hiring workflow and connect with the best talent.

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