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AI Predictive Audiences

May 17, 2024
AI Predictive Audiences

Would you like to gain access to AI Predictive Audiences, a cutting-edge tool that can assist you in predicting the behavior of your prospects and customers more effectively than ever before? This tool uses "smart data" to interpret the common characteristics, signals, buying behavior, and patterns of your existing prospects and buyers, thereby helping to identify new leads efficiently.

If you're concerned about the impact of the latest iOS 14 privacy changes on Facebook lookalike audiences and basic Facebook interest audiences, you're not alone. These changes have significantly affected the value of lookalike audiences, which rely on substantial amounts of data to function accurately. As a result of the decrease in available data, all lookalike models, including those on Facebook/Meta Ads, have been affected.

With a high percentage of US users opting out of tracking, traditional targeting techniques are becoming less effective as well. This is where AI Predictive Audiences comes in – using your existing first-party data, this tool trains a machine learning model, creating a cookie-less and iOS 14-proof solution to find a cold audience of hot prospects that resemble your ideal customer. It offers a refined approach that focuses on "smart data" rather than big data, providing a more efficient way to predict the behavior of your total addressable market.

AI Predictive Audiences ensures the security of your data, following all Privacy Shield principles. It can qualify your leads and provide your anticipated ROAS within less than 24 hours.


  • Accurately predicts behavior
  • Refines the focus to improve audience targeting
  • Smart data over big data


  • Requires ongoing data input
  • Initial learning curve
  • Dependent on clean, valid existing data

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