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AI-powered headshot generator

May 17, 2024
AI-powered headshot generator

Creating Professional Headshots Just Got Easier

In today’s digital world, having a professional headshot is more crucial than ever. Whether it's for enhancing your LinkedIn profile, enriching your CV, or making your email signature more memorable, the right headshot can significantly impact your professional image. Enter the innovative solution to all your headshot needs: an AI-powered tool designed to generate hyper-realistic business headshots from the comfort of your home.

How Does It Work?

This cutting-edge tool simplifies the process of obtaining professional headshots. Forget about the traditional photoshoot hassles—no need for perfect lighting, hair, or wardrobe. Here’s how you can generate your headshots:

  • Upload Your Selfies: You can take new selfies using the AI Photobooth feature, which guides you through capturing photos from various angles and settings, or use existing ones. You'll need to upload several photos to ensure the AI can accurately learn your features.
  • Let AI Do Its Magic: Once your selfies are uploaded, the AI begins to process them, creating a series of professional headshots that retain your personality and look.
  • Download Your Headshots: In about 45 minutes, you’ll receive an email notification that your headshots are ready. You can then download your favorites directly from your dashboard.

The process is designed to be fast, efficient, and user-friendly, delivering studio-quality headshots without the studio price tag.

Pricing Options

  • Basic Package: For $29, you get 30 headshots and 16 credits with a delivery time of around 90 minutes.
  • Standard Package: At a discounted price of $39 (down from $55), this option offers 60 headshots, 8 professional styles, and 48 credits, plus an email signature generator, all delivered in about 60 minutes.
  • Premium Package: For $69, this comprehensive package provides 120 headshots, 16 professional styles, 126 credits, and 4K HD headshots, including an email signature generator and a 45-minute delivery time. It also includes 1 free re-run, ensuring you get the perfect result.

Why Use This AI Tool?

Professionals across various industries can benefit from this service:

  • Executives looking to enhance their online presence
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to impress partners or HR
  • Agents seeking to boost their website's credibility

Not only does it offer a quick turnaround—with an average delivery time of 45 minutes—but it also eliminates the need for a professional photographer, making it a cost-effective solution.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable pricing with no subscription required
  • Fast delivery of professional quality headshots
  • Variety of styles and backgrounds available
  • User-friendly process with AI Photobooth feature


  • Limited control over the final styling compared to a traditional photoshoot
  • Reliance on the quality of selfies uploaded

Final Thoughts

In an era where your digital presence can dictate professional opportunities, having access to high-quality headshots has become indispensable. This AI-powered tool offers a seamless, affordable, and efficient way to create professional headshots, ensuring you make the right impression online.

Whether you're an executive, entrepreneur, or anyone in need of a quality headshot, this service stands out for its innovation, ease of use, and the ability to deliver impressive results. Give it a try and see how it transforms your professional image.

For more details on pricing and how to get started, please visit their website. (Note: This is a placeholder link as actual URLs cannot be provided.)

What do you think? Would you consider using an AI service for your professional headshots? Share your thoughts below!

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