AI Playlist Maker

If you enjoy music, PlaylistAI offers an AI-powered tool to help you create the ideal playlist for any occasion. This tool is perfect for parties, studying, or simply discovering new music.


Smart Suggestions

PlaylistAI can quickly suggest tailored playlists based on the time of day and your preferences.

Instant Playlists for Music Festivals

You can upload a festival poster and PlaylistAI will create a playlist featuring the performing artists.

Unique Music Discovery

Blend genres, create unique music experiences, and discover new tracks with PlaylistAI.

ID Songs in TikTok Videos

Identify songs from TikTok videos and create similar playlists.

Ad-Free Music

Enjoy an ad-free music discovery experience with the PlaylistAI app.

Creating Playlists Made Easy

Simply enter a prompt like "Early 2000's pop music" or "Playing board games on a rainy day" and PlaylistAI's AI will curate the perfect mix for you.

Revisit Your Favorite Music

PlaylistAI allows you to create personalized playlists featuring your top tracks and artists, offering a way to reminisce about your favorite music.


For any questions about PlaylistAI, reach out via email. The FAQ section also addresses common questions about subscriptions and controlling song additions to your Apple Music library.


Discovering and creating music playlists is easier and more fun with PlaylistAI. Whether you want music for a specific moment or to explore new genres and artists, PlaylistAI has something for everyone. Join over 100,000 people who are already enjoying the music discovery journey with PlaylistAI.


· Uses AI to curate playlists tailored to your preferences.

· Instant playlists for music festivals.

· Unique music discovery experiences.

· Ad-free music enjoyment.


· Some users may encounter subscription management issues, but these can be resolved by following the provided steps.

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