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November 22, 2023
AI Playground

Generative AI Calls for a More Creative World

OpenAI TensorChat is an incredibly effective new chatbot model that's equipped with the full creativity of OpenAI's breakthrough GPT-3.5. It's designed to optimize chat purposes, yet it still excels in traditional completion tasks. And as for pricing, we understand that the friendly rates of this innovative tool are something everyone will love.

Outstanding Features of TensorChat

"Unleash the Creative Conversations"
TensorChat offers an interaction quality that's artistically inspiring and creatively fulfilling. The engaging conversations are powered by its 4,096 tokens context, allowing these chat models to share a conversational vision with you.

Pricing that Saves You Money

At only $1.50 per million tokens for input, the costs are friendly and fair. And even for output, it's just $2.00 per million tokens, making the pricing efficient and worthwhile based on the quality and impressive capability of the service provided.

MetalLlama70b-v2-Chat also Available

Meta's LLaMa v2 chatbot is an equally incredible 70 billion parameter model, fine-tuned for chat purposes and served by Fireworks. The model is designed to accommodate up to 4k tokens, providing a unique feature to this intelligent chat model.

Exciting Pricing Options

For input, pricing is just $0.70 per million tokens and $2.80 per million for output. While the input costs less, the output pricing is a reflection of the impressive chat capabilities that will excite you, making this a worthy consideration with its truly effective performance.

TensorChat by Vercel AI

Vercel AI, the organization behind it all, is committed to helping power you forward through a web of creativity. Trust in their experience and use them as a partner in transforming your conversational solutions.


  1. Optimized for chat purposes, works for traditional completions tasks
  2. Offers highly competitive and friendly pricing
  3. Multiple intelligent models provide flexible choices for your needs


  1. May be challenging to experience or understand the uplifting effect without a test or sample
  2. Requires innovation in conversational solutions to make the most of it

So what are you waiting for? Try out this generative model and tap into a picture-perfect world of creativity paired with intelligent and engaging conversations. Bring the power of OpenAI TensorChat and Meta/llama70b-v2-chat to your projects, and you'll see creativity unfolded!

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