AI photo organizer

This new web application uses AI technology to sort and organize your photos directly from your own computer. It's all done securely and with your privacy in mind. Here's how it works:

How to Use:

  1. Initialize AI: Start by choosing how much of your computer's processing power to use. More power means faster organization for you.

  2. Load Photos: Drag and drop images directly into the app—nothing is uploaded online. Your pictures stay safe and sound, processed only on your device.

  3. Create Categories: Name and set up the different categories you want to use. You can customize this however you want and change it later.

  4. Start Processing: Let the AI do the work. Your images will be sorted into your desired classes, and any duplicates will be identified.

  5. Review and Tidy Up: Go through the sorted photos, and mark any you don't need. You can also add or delete classes, and then re-run the processing to keep everything just how you want it.

  6. Generate Script: Once you're satisfied, click to create a script that will help you to clean up your photo collection. This is to move images to different folders or delete ones you no longer need.


  • Local Processing: All the sorting and organization is done right on your computer. Nothing is stored or shared online.

  • Custom Classes: You're in control of your photo categories. Change them, delete them, or add as many as you want.

  • Efficiency: The powerful AI and your computer's processing power make quick work of even large photo collections.


  • Limited Accessibility: Being computer-bound, the tool doesn't support on-the-go organization of photos through your phone or other non-computer devices.

  • Technical Process: The process may appear complex for those who are not familiar with running scripts and manipulating folders on the computer.

It's all about simplicity and convenience—tidy up your photo collection with ease, using the best technology while keeping your privacy intact.

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